João Neto e Frederico - Bebo e do trabai (English translation)


Bebo e do trabai

Eu já bebi pra carai
No boteco na festa em qualquer lugar
Eu já bebi pra carai
Chaqualhei a roseira pra turma animar
Agora eu bebo e dou trabai
Dou trabai, dou trabai
Deixa dessa de frescura se o negócio é mulher
Elas gostam de atitude e que não peguem no seu pé
Noite e dia é só farra
To bebendo pra carai
Por causa de uma mulher agora eu bebo e dou trabai
Se o churrasco esfriou
Bota fogo nessa lenha
Se o nosso time perder
Nós bebe por que tem pena
Mas se o meu time ganhar
Bebo pra comemorar
Se a cerveja acabar vamos direto pro bar
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English translation

I drink and make trouble

I've drunk as f*ck already
At the pub, at the party, everyhere
I've drunk as f*ck already
I kicked boredom to the curb to cheer up my crew [1,2]
Now I drink and make trouble
And make trouble and make trouble [3]
Stop this "being sensitive" thing, when it comes to women,
They like it when men have an attitude
and aren't clingy [4]
Night and day, it's all about partying
I'm getting myself drunk as f*ck
Now for a woman's sake, I drink and make a lot of trouble
If the barbecue got cold,
Don't bother and light this charcoal grill [5]
If our favorite team is beaten
We'll drink because we are sad
But if my favourite team wins
I'll drink to celebrate it
If the bear runs out we'll head straight to the bar
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Author's comments:

[1] "Turma" in colloquial terms means a circle of close friends. Here it may be the crowd at the party.
[2] "Chacoalhar a roseira" means to cheer up and change the mood in a situation.
[3] "Dar trabalho", used colloquially, means either "to offer resistance into doing something", "to annoy or bother" or "to demand some kind of assistance", usually said for children or when people get sick.
[4] "Pegar no pé" is to complain about minor details or mistakes but also to be asking constantly about one's whereabouts, or calling on the phone, etc.
[5] Verbatim "Set fire to these logs" can't cover the meaning.

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