Elis Regina - Beguine Dodói (English translation)

English translation

Sick Beguine

My love, look what remains
Of that great hero
Without your love, I got crazy and I've been sick
Like Tarzan after the flu
Using 'Sabiá' poultice1
By getting hammered in the taverns
I'll kill myself
I pop my pimples before the mirror
Remembering you
I pray the novena, have some eggnog
Oh, I've had enough!
Let me be helped by Julio Louzada2
In this deadly suffering
Maracujina3 no longer has any effects
When I remember
Taupe colored socks, red garters and a killer look
My Delilah, come back soon
Your Samson is feeling bad...
  • 1. Soft moist mass, often heated and medicated, that is spread on cloth over the skin to treat an aching, inflamed or painful part of the body
  • 2. A famous radio host at the time
  • 3. It's a popular medicine to soothe the symptoms of anxiety disorder in Brazil
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Beguine Dodói

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