Behemoth - God=Dog



There's a serpent coiling around my neck
The adoring crescent moon in blazing night
The holy river Ganga flowing through my muddled hair
In the ancient times before I learned ov who I am
If I am a missing link between the pig and the divine
I shall cast the pearls before the swine
I am no good shepherd on an ox
But a solitude ov the loneliest star
Like a 1000 shrines subsumed into the void
Like a dead space in between the suns
Is a God to live in a dog? No!
But the highest are of us
Is a God to live in a dog? No!
But the highest are of us
Elohim ([children:] Elohim!)
I shall not forgive!
Adonai ([children:] Adonai!)
I shall not forgive!
Living God ([children:] Living God!)
I shall not the forgive!
Jesus Christ ([children:] Jesus Christ!)
I forgive thee not!
Submitted by Gustavo666 on Fri, 03/08/2018 - 17:52
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Andrew Parfen    Tue, 16/10/2018 - 04:15

Gustavo, saluton!
Mi pensas ke vi en kelkaj lokoj faris erareton - vi scribis ov anstatau of.

Gustavo666    Tue, 16/10/2018 - 13:47

Saluton, Andrew!

In Behemoth's songs, it's common to use "ov" instead of "of" due to Nergal's (the vocalist) accent. If you check other lyrics, you'll see all of them are written this way. The band itself names its songs this way (for example, "Ov Fire and The Void").