Xavier Naidoo - Bei meiner Seele (English translation)

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By My Soul

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Actually we all could be flying
Actually we all were born to carry out love
In the morning we all keep lying
Though many like to tell you something different than that
You need to live your life
Or else this life will do with you what it wants
You can outshine all the others
When you’re flying everything gets so devoutly calm
By my soul
You are heart-touching and deeply fond
And when I see you
You fill my heart with love up to the brim
"The Flying Squad" is what they call
Your band / bond of love and it is effective
Supersonic waves, they spread
Sonic spreads your love and it is so attractive
You have to live this life
For love will always do what it wants anyway
And when love starts to sing her songs
Believe me, everything gets so devoutly calm
Submitted by Tenor Meta III on Thu, 05/12/2013 - 01:30
Author's comments:

There are some puns in here which cannot be translated.

First one being the "band / bond of love" thing.
German "Liebesbande" (pl.) would normally translate to "bonds of love" but because in this case it's written as a singular instead of a plural it can only be "band/gang of love", a word which doesn't actually exist but explains the name "Flying Squad".

Secondly, the (super)sonic thing. Here we have essentially two sentences melted together:
"Über Schall verbreitet sich deine Liebe" -> Literally "Over sonic spreads itself your love" -> "Your love spreads through sonic".
But at the same time: "Überschall verbreitet sich" -> Literally "Oversonic spreads itself" -> "Supersonic spreads"

Finally there's one in the chorus which I didn't translate at all because it would haven been impossible. To get you an idea:
"Du bist herzergreifend liebevoll"
"Füllst du mein Herz zum Rand mit Liebe voll"
Note that the ends of these two lines are almost identical ( liebevoll / Liebe voll ). Translated literally:
"You are heart-stirringly full-of-love"
"You fill my heart to the brim full with love"

One last thing: I know of course that love in English can't start to sing "her" songs but rather "its" songs. But I figured it's a poem, so why not?


Bei meiner Seele

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