Xavier Naidoo - Bei meiner Seele (English translation)

English translation

Upon my soul

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technically, all of us can fly
technically, all of us are born for love
in the morning, almost everyone likes to stay in bed
even if many tell you something else entirely
you have to live your life
or this life will do with you what it likes
you can outstrip everyone
when ou fly, everything gets devoutly silent
upon my soul, you are heart-touching affectionate
when I see you, you fill my heart with love to the brim
flying squad is the name of your love gang
and it is effective
your love spreads via sound
and it is so attractive
let it live your life
because love does what it wants anyway
and when love sings songs
believe me, then everything gets so devoutly silent
(2x chorus)
(2x chorus)
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Bei meiner Seele

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