בקרוב (Be'karov) (English translation)

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Soon I will be back
To the quiet, to the light,
To the wind, to the water,
Soon I will be back
To the warmth after cold,
To the beach, to the skies.
Soon I will be back,
You'll see, like a drunk,
To dive again into your eyes,
Soon I will be back,
The time we waited will pass
And will bring me to you.
Because here, far away,
The sun shines too
Each day,
But it's different,
A bit the same, a bit unlike,
Because far away
The days and nights
Are awash with memories,
In which you're beautiful and laughing.
Soon I will be back,
One last stop at the end of the road,
To the street and to the house,
Soon I will be back,
One last door to close
And then to fall into your arms.
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בקרוב (Be'karov)

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