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Belki De Aşk Lazım Değildir (English translation)

  • Artist: Sezen Aksu
  • Song: Belki De Aşk Lazım Değildir
  • Translations: English, Russian
English translationEnglish

Maybe love isn't needed

Can I kiss it better?
Does it hurt a lot?
I know ah, how sad
My sweat is salty, Give me your blessing
I know you from your wound
And the same gun shot me
But I forgive him for shooting me
Since it killed him more than me
Maybe love isn't needed
A warm hand could be enough
No one would die of love like that
Let it be like that, let it be
I can be a branch for you
You can be the bee, I'll be the honey
I have your heart too
Take a look, I'll be yours
I know you from your stance
That what doesn't kill you will make you stronger
And inside out
You would never know it again
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Belki De Aşk Lazım Değildir

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