Bella (English translation)

  • Artist: Merve Yalçın
  • Song: Bella
English translationEnglish


Send them to play with the sand
My piggy bank is getting full day by day
Tell them that
I’m don’t answer the phones anymore
There is no need the fake poses
Because the street is used to dust
Now greetings to the b**** friends
Greets to you from the stage
High quality poses
With Nike Air Force’s under me
Pose everyone in this shore
Every day hang posters to your room
High quality poses in the street
With Nike Air Force’s under me
Show off posters to everyone
Concerts in this shore every night
Merve beautiful beautiful
As if beautiful beautiful
Beautiful for real
Cost of the favela*
All of the stage is here
Gucci and Prada’s are on me
I’ve created action those days
Fools get jealous of my money
Money is the dirt of our hands**
And it must be cleaned
Merve is one of you
Don’t look she’s crazier than all of you
Take a look at the color of my nail polish
Leave this job to us
Let’s drive Masserati
Enjoy the night
My bag is on my arm
Like Fendi Channel Vuitton
Back street is a catwalk
I walk like a model
Amusing, sweet
Our nights
The morning is yours
The nights of this city
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Author's comments:

*Favela means ghetto streets in Brazil but I don’t think that this line has a meaning at all

**Para elin kiridir is a Turkish idiom and it means money must be spended or else it would be worthless. I couldn’t find an English idiom for it and just transleted it directly.



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