Belle (English translation)

English translation


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You -
Why did you appear in my fortune?
New -
Does it lead to light or scary torture?..
Too -
Too outcast, I am obliged to be apart,
Apart from treasure of your mercy tender heart.
An ugly hunchback with no hope to overcome,
I sing you with the metal voice of Notre Dame,
True -
Chimeras' circle, heavy bells and stars above,
This old cathedral used to be my only love -
I'd give them all for only thing that can't be done:
Through Esmeralda's hair I let my fingers run...
My -
You're my holy wine for me forbidden,
Lie -
It's a lie in all my prayers hidden,
Why -
Why can't I stop, why can't forget, why can't I break,
My whole life before you seems to be a fake,
The faith means nothing, written law means even less,
I dream of angel underneath your gypsy dress -
Try! -
I damned those innocent flat faces of the saints,
I feel that hopeless fire burning in my veins,
My soul has painted it's own icon deep within:
I'm laying my uneven breath upon your skin...
Glance -
Passing glance can burn me like a fire,
Sense -
Sense of youth, of passion and desire,
Dance -
Your gripping dance made of naivety and tease
Makes me forget the words I swore to Fleur de Lys,
From now on you are my songbird to pursue,
No one I know can even be compared to you,
Chance -
To see an answer in the eyes of heady black,
To give you beating of my heart and get yours back,
Since morning over day till evening light
I hope I'll get a chance to share your night.
With soldier's bearing or in cleric's black soutane,
With gibbous back, an awful fright for everyone,
Try! -
To steal a kiss or to give up a proud mind,
To guard you sleeping in a cold medieval night,
I've got my own way to follow from the start
To find a precious key to Esmeralda's heart...
Submitted by Yevgeny on Sat, 05/11/2016 - 00:17
Author's comments:

Not a translation, just an alternative lyrics. More close to the original book than to the musical.



MoanaPango    Fri, 13/04/2018 - 06:40

Браво! Это - просто потрясающе!!! Великолепное творение! Очень глубокое постижение! Мысли и чувства! (я прошу мне простить "мой английский" а-ля…

Bravo! It is just "beautimous"!!! A "sheer poetry"! A very deep comprehension! Thoughts and feelings! (I'm sorry for "my English" a-la…).

Yevgeny    Fri, 13/04/2018 - 21:54

Спасибо на добром слове, Moana! Прекрасно понял Ваш английский и русский. .)

Thanks for your kind words, Moana! Your english and russian are easy to understand. .)

MoanaPango    Sun, 15/04/2018 - 13:20

Здравствуйте, Yevgeny
Я очень рада, что Вы ответили мне комментарием! И я рада, что Вам удалось (после ДОЛГИХ усилий, конечно же!) понЯть мой русский... (шутка!).
And I hope my English is now easy enough to understand!
Но вот тО, что Вы поняли "мой английский" - это уже вообще сверх всяких похвал (улыбка!).
Ну, и я надеюсь теперь: "'[Эны-и] Инглыш транслЭйт-он-лИне"... он тоже... удостоен Вашей похвалы (сердечная, хорошая улыбка).

Спасибо Вам за этот перевод! Он просто отличный!