Vladimir Markin - Kolokola (Колокола) (English translation)

English translation

The Bells

You did not come, you have not come today,
But I believed, I waited, I was hoping
That you would come, the bells would ring again,
That you would come, the doors widely open.
And if you come and now, right away,
Take off your gloves and coat, feeling homely…
“I’m frozen hard”, you’ll say, “It’s cold today”.
And stretch your arms to me and ask to warm you.
I’ll take your hands, your tiny fingernails
And I shall try and kiss them heartily, warming…
So, if you came, the bells would ring again…
If you would come… But you wouldn’t, any longer.
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© Перевод: Александр Асанов 2011


Kolokola (Колокола)