Mor Karbasi - Niña de mi alma (English translation)


Niña de mi alma

Veo desde mi ventana
una flor amada, es mi niña
con el sol en el pelo.
Lagrimas asoman, suaves
temblara su mundo frágil
en tu senda están mis manos,
para hacer leves tus pasos.
Rosa de blancas mañanas
dime quién te habla de amor
pétalos de la esperanza
caerán cuando te vayas.
Mira como el viento ríe
con tu pelo juego alegre
cuando tus ojitos dudan,
tu pena es la mía.
Ay, ay, ay, niña
de mi alma, niña
mi niña de las flores
nunca más tu llores,
no llores más. [x2]
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English translation

Beloved of my heart

I see from my window
a flower, it's my beloved
with the sun in her hair.
Tears appear, softly
they'll shake her fragile world,
my hands are in your path,
to lighten your steps.
Rose of bright mornings1
tell me who speaks to you of love,
petals of hope,
will fall when you go.
Look how the wind laughs,
happily it plays with your hair,
when your little eyes are doubtful,
your grief is my own.
Oh, oh, oh, beloved
beloved of my heart, beloved
beloved of the flowers,
don't you ever cry,
don't cry anymore. [x2]
  • 1. lit. 'white mornings
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Fantasy    Tue, 09/05/2017 - 13:40

Hi. Does "la niña de las flores" have an additional meaning or connotation in Spanish, or some sort of cultural reference? Yasmin Levy also has a song called "la niña de las flores".

phantasmagoria    Wed, 10/05/2017 - 00:50

La niña de las flores means "flower girl", it usually symbolizes innocence or beauty. The only reference that comes to mind are the girls on the street who sell flowers to people and it's their only source of income. It's a popular theme in movies, shows and books:,_la_vendedora_de_rosas

The song you're talking about by Yasmin Levy is the story of a man giving a flower to a girl, but when she disappears; only a flower is left behind and he recognizes it as hers. He calls her his 'flower girl' because of the flower he gave her.

Fantasy    Wed, 10/05/2017 - 09:33

Thanks for the answer. I know the surface meaning, and the reason why, but I'm curious to know there's any allegory or story or tradition behind it. If you read it as "flower girl" it become mundane, but if you read it as "the girl of the flowers" (making a connection between the two), it has the potential to evoke associations.