Ben Melamet Hırkasını (English translation)


Ben Melamet Hırkasını

Ben melamet hırkasını
Kendim giydim eğnime
Ar ü namus şişesini
Taşa çaldım kime ne
Haydar Haydar taşa çaldım kime ne
Sofular haram demişler
Aşkımın şarabına
Ben doldurur ben içerim
Günah benim kime ne
Haydar Haydar günah benim kime ne
Gah çıkarım gökyüzüne
Seyrederim alemi
Gah inerim yeryüzüne
Seyreder alem beni
Haydar Haydar seyreder alem beni
Nesimi'yi sorsalar kim
Yarin ile hoş musun
Hoş olam ya olmayayım
O yar benim kime ne
Haydar Haydar o yar benim kime ne
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English translation

The Cardigan of Modesty

I wore the cardigan of modesty* on me
Threw the bottle of rectitude on the ground, who cares
Haydar Haydar, I threw it, who cares
Devotees says it's sinful
It's sinful, the wine of my love
It's me that pours and drinks the wine
It's a sin of mine, who cares
Haydar Haydar, it's my sin, who cares
Sometimes I fly high above
Watching the earth
Sometimes I go down on earth
The earth watches me
Haydar Haydar, the earth watches me
Go ask Nesimi**
Are you and your lover going along well?
Whatever the answer is
She's my lover, who cares
Haydar Haydar, she's my lover, who cares
*: By modesty, I refer to a cult of Islam called "melamilik" that is devoted to modesty, humiliation and living in purity.
**: Nesimi is a Soufi philosopher and poet.
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