Benjamin Booker - I Thought I Heard You Screaming


I Thought I Heard You Screaming

It’s a lonely walk
With a load like that my girl
You ain’t seen no love since that man walked out your door
Harder, still
You think you can’t tell no one
You’re God died back in ‘94
With a needle, with a needle and a gun
Caught your leg on a branch from a willow tree
You got blood in your eyes, girl
Thought I heard you screaming—
That man took every part of me
I lost my will along the highway—marker 54
She said “oh, they don’t make men like that no more”
Honey, they sure don’t
Set yourself on fire so high so high
I could feel your heart was speeding
Did you love me or was it the drugs?
And the life we’re living now will surely bury me
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