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Berita kepada Kawan (English translation)

  • Artist: Ebiet G. Ade (Abid Ghoffar Aboe Dja’far)
  • Song: Berita kepada Kawan
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Message to A Friend

This is a sad,
Sad journey
You, however, don't sit
by me, Friend
There are lots of stories
you need to see
On that wasteland
My very body shakes
as it goes through a rocky road
And this heart trembles seeing
that bare field
This journey has
Become an eye-witness
to that little shepherd
lamenting in grief
Friend, listen what her answer is,
when I ask her just why
Her father, mother are long dead
Washed away by the earth's cry
Arriving on shore
I tell them all
to the reef, to the rolling wave
to the sun
But silence is all my answer
And muteness
There's only me
Nailed there staring at the sky
Perhaps there is
my answer
to just why disaster befallen on this land
Perhaps God's become bored
of all our sh*ts
that's wrong and so boastful
of the stupidities we have done
Or is it the nature that
Don't wanna befriend us anymore
Well, why don't we ask
those swaying grasses
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Berita kepada Kawan

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