Bhala Ksika (English translation)

Bhala Ksika

भला किसी का कर न सको
तो बुरा किसी का मत करना
पुष्प नहीं बन सकते तो
तुम कांटे बन कर मत रहना
सत्य वचन ना बोल सको तो
झूठ कभी भी मत बोलो
घर न किसी का बसा सको तो
झोपड़ियां ना जला देना
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Any Good To Anyone

If you cannot do any good to anyone
Then do not do them any harm as well
If you cannot be a flower
Just as well don't be a thorn either
If you cannot speak the truth
Do not tend to lie as well
If you cannot be a home to someone
Don't burn their shelter as well
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