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White cows

A question mark jumped in between the sentences
A bull (mistake) jumped in between words
He changed the array and destroyed the rhythm
He threaten a bit and disappeared
Between me and you, my baby
Came a grey and naked leg of the city
And kicked in the butt, till lack of strength
Jumble, jumble
Let's go!
Art of love cannot be tackled
Such a pitiful punchline
Hit him in the face, let this son of a bitch
To remember, remember
But even between black crows in the head
Troop of white cows burst into
They are chewing honestly, contemplating
In a good style and without problems, muuu.
New, peaceful, healthy ghost
(Between black crows)
White cows, sign of renovation of minds
(Between black crows)
Metaphors, metaphors,
It's an art of combining words
Can't you hold a cow in your head?
So give up already!
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Białe krowy

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