Big Boy - Sin Tu Amor


Sin Tu Amor

Big Boy:]
time failed like a shooting star
and to our love I failed for no reason baby
I'd wish to turn back time again
and to be able to stop you, I no longer can
Sin tu amor
No se que valla a hacer conmigo
Sin tu amor
No se cual sea mi destino
Sin tu amor
El mundo caiga sobre mi baby
[Vico C:]
I wish I could love you again
to love you again, have you close again, yeah, my eyes cry for you
I need you so much and I can't deny it I don't know how you could
walk away from my life you tore my heart up like with a piece of paper you played with my life and
now I wonder why? why did I have to fall in love with you, to love you like
I loved you and then I lost you I think that's not fair before the eyes of God
I gave you so much love and you paid me back with pain but some day all the checks
will go to you, and you'll think of me even if you're far from me all I got
left are those memories and in my heart a voice that says I love you
Sin tu amor
Sin tu amor
sin tu amor
[Vico C:]
tell me girl if I failed you any day, I made my mistakes but i was never unfaithful
I never had the nerve to leave you without thinking about this pretty thing between us
things coul pass/happen, your kisses, your caressing, your way of making love are things that
will stay forever in my heart and I swear if some day I fall in love againg
I'll make sure she has tha same way of loving, trust me, my souls is
talking and it doesn't lie my eyes got used to seeing only you, and today they cry
because your presence faded between hate, resentment and despair I'd give
my life to get back with you and live those moments that made me so
happy I want to love you again, want you again, have you so close to me again
my eyes cry for you
[Big Boy:]
they cry for you
I'd like to find someone walking down the city that can tell me where you are
baby I wish to know how is your life now without me and to know if for real love
exists in you
[Vico C:]
I want to love you again, want you again, have you close to me
my eyes cry for you I feel in my soul an emptiness so big that you don't
realize all the plans you ruined I sea the sea waves how they come and go
and for every wave that goes throught I see another tear, I look up to the sky to see if
I find the light that lights my way up to where you are and be able to
kiss you like it was the first time, to wreck into your heart like a sad fish
that loves you, goes crazy for you but what a pitty that things don't
go out like we want sometimes but moments stay in my mind
forever with all those feelings since I can't no longer see you, my heart
misses you and I can't control it because with you it was that I learned to
love I wish I could love you again, want you again, have you close to me again
my eyes cry for you
Sin tu amor
Sin tu amor
sin tu amor
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