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Why? said the little boy,
with tears in his eyes,
Why did my daddy had to die?
Why did he have to go and fight a war?
Why wont you tell me,
what is it all for?
Why did his mother,
had to walk the streets,
Why did she proposition
the men that she would meet?
Why did his mother ,
had to sell her soul,
to buy that little boy some
food and some clothes?
Why did her neighbours,
all turned away,
what's going on with
the world today?
We all want to live, but
nobody wants to give,
The whole world is in pain,
and we all need to change.
It's so plain and clear,
but nobody wants to hear,
Written long , long ago,
so that all men would know.
That we're living in these last days,
we got to, we need to change our ways.
Why can't the government
solve these problems?
Why so many children
are slowly starving?
Why so many wars
are constantly going on ?
Why so many people have
lost their happy home.
Why don't the people
open up their eyes?
Why can't we read
these great big signs?
Why it's so hard to choose
right from wrong?
Why are we so confuse, Lord
What's going on...
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