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Gotham City Serenade lyrics

  • Artist: Big Rude Jake (Andrew Jacob Hiebert)
  • Album: Big Rude Jake (1999)

Gotham City Serenade

Bearing a cross in a jerk-water ‘burg
Where the fact of the matter takes a turn for the worst
And getting out of bed is too much work
When you’re dead wide awake and you don’t care
When Mike the Spike came into sight
After shagging a rose down in Brooklyn Heights
He’s says the Big Town is gonna wail tonight
And don’t you know that I’m gonna be there
I wish you could be here with me
On this night in New York City
I wish you were standing here
As Broadway opens up her arms
When the crimson skyline bruises black
And lights up like a favorite song
I wish you could be here with me
On this night in New York City
And in the project homes in Bedford Stuy
Some sevens flights into the sky
A sweet young thing talks to her guy
With one leg on the windowsill
She says, they might give you accolades
And they might play at lawn croquet
In beatnik shades of pigeon gray
But they won’t love you like I will…
And she says..
The Geronimo Kid was the new St. George
With a Gibson guitar for a rapier sword
Drove a Cutlass Supreme to the Rockaway shore
Slew a hep-cat dragon, jammin’ on the beach
And the pork-pied-piper blew that song
And the Jericho walls came a-tumblin’ down
And the rats assembled in the middle of the town
And they danced into the shadows and right out of reach
[Chorus] x2
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