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Bigflo & Oli

[Intro : Tag]
[Verse 1: Caballero & JeanJass]
I wake up and have no clue where I am (where am I?), I don't remember a thing (wow)
Fifty missed calls, no problem, I'll call y'all back tomorrow (not feeling too good here)
I just need a big glass of water (fast)
I must have gulped an overdose
Remind me what's this story again? Who're these guys in the mirror?
Hey, we're
[Refrain : Caballero & JeanJass]
Bigflo & Oli
Wait a sec, how on earth? Yeah, me Bigflo, you Oli, we're
Bigflo & Oli
Is that possible? Like we just wake up one day and we're
Bigflo & Oli
Uh, take a look at your face, look at mine, dude, we're
Bigflo & Oli
Haha, yeah, this is crazy, we transformed into
Bigflo & Oli
[Verse 2: JeanJass & Caballero]
Yeah, I'm the pretty boy, fuck, I'm the pigface
Oh no, don't say that, you're crazy
Anyway, it looks pretty good on me, this goatee
Anyway, it doesn't look so bad on me (what's that), being rich
When I saw my account, I was stupefied, I'm not switching bodies, nah, that's final
It's only mama who doesn't have a gold disc, next year, we'll get her to sign
Wait, dude, something's not right, quit the whining, tomorrow it's tour bus with dad
Yet another rapper coming at us on Instagram, I didn't notice him, too busy filling up a stadium
Well yeah, cos we're
[Refrain : Caballero & JeanJass]
Bigflo & Oli
Ropopop, 31 Arr, Toulouse, my face
Bigflo & Oli
Oh yeah, Bigflo
We're Bigflo & Oli
Yeah, yeah
We're Bigflo & Oli
Rha, rha, rha
We're Bigflo & Oli
[Bridge: Bigflo & Oli]
Oh, shit
Hey, Flo what's going on here? What's this shithole?
It smells like weed in here, it stinks, damn
Quick, open the windows
[Verse 3: Bigflo & Oli]
I look outside and it looks like Belgium
I'm so big, I'm going to get dizzy
What the hell's happening here?
Oli's getting excited, "Hurry, man", I'm going to stand in front of the mirror, time to know the truth
Dang it, I'm the fat one, you're Caballero, that's cool, and I'm the slim guy
Haha, you haven't changed much
My throat's on fire: I'm not used to smoking; I check out the bank account, where did all the cash go?
Damn, honestly, what the heck are we in the middle of? And my movement is sluggish, rheumy eyes; is this some kind of sick joke?
Anyway, being big isn't that bad
Anyway, this beard doesn't look so bad on me
I look at the tweets and it's buzzing, crazy stuff, never do a collab with Bigflo and Oli
Done deal, these are the words of Caba and JeanJass; but if we're them, then who becomes us?
It's going to be so weird touring the smaller concert halls, but it really isn't so different: it's still buddies, rap and freestyles
We're the hype guys, High and Fine Herbs, I'm having the munchies, little bro, I think we're too high
Traces of weed under my nail, haha, put some respect on my name
Not a word to anybody! Why's that? Because, that way... Orelsan will accept the feature
Haha, oh yes, you know, cos
[Refrain : Bigflo & Oli]
Cos we're Caba and JJ
Yeah, you Caballero, me JeanJass
We're Caba and JJ
Pass me the joint, man, hell yeah
We're Caba and JJ
Oh I love Belgium, once upon a time
We're Caba and JJ
It's not parmesan, of course not, it's coke, coco
[Outro : Caballero & JeanJass, Bigflo & Oli & JeanJass]
We're Bigflo and Oli
Who're these guys in the mirror?
We're Caba and JJ
Who're these guys in the mirror?
We're Bigflo and Oli
Who're these guys in the mirror?
We're Caba and JJ
Who're these guys in the mirror?
We're Bigflo and Oli
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Bigflo & Oli

Caballero & JeanJass: Top 3
Idioms from "Bigflo & Oli"
silencedsilenced    Mon, 28/09/2020 - 13:26

High & Fines Herbes, j'ai la fonce-dalle -> This one is rather funny.
"ail & fines herbes" refers to a classic industrial cheese sold in small portions that might evoke hash blocks.
"fonce-dalle" is a mix between "avoir la dalle" (as you translated it) and "foncedé" (stoned/wasted). "peckish for hash" or something Regular smile

Also I rather understand "grand" as a mere physical size. The guy implies Bigflo & Oli are rather short. Can't say I ever saw what they look like, so it might be slander Regular smile

kwameGHkwameGH    Tue, 29/09/2020 - 17:22

I didn't know there was any such thing as "ail & fines herbes", but I appreciate the pun in the title of the album. Thanks.
Regarding "fonce-dalle" translated as "munchies", check this out: Munchies also refers to hunger after taking drugs.
As for the translation of "grand", I thought I might use "huge" for physical size. But I heeded your words and adjusted accordingly. Just wondering what "huge" possibly made you think of... haha.

You know, this is actually the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) that you've thanked me after proofreading. Why's that? You usually drop your comments and then there's an exchange.

silencedsilenced    Tue, 29/09/2020 - 17:54

Truth be told, I don't put much meaning into it. I thank complete strangers as soon as I read a pleasant translation but, the way I see it, people I'm acquainted with have other means to know what I think of their translations than to count the number of times I clicked the green thingie Regular smile
If I must say it out loud, I am impressed by your mastery of French yoofspeak, beside your command of standard French.

Yes, "munchies" works for hash but "fonce-dalle" is something they invented for the occasion, if I'm not mistaken. So I thought something more explicit might be appropriate in English too. Anyway, "munchies" alone is fine.
First time I read the line, a picture of little portions of hash in a convenience store with this "high and fine weed" slogan printed on them popped into my mind. A convenient little snack for potheads. That made me chuckle pretty hard Regular smile

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