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Biggest Dreamer

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Gonna be the biggest Dreamer!
I'll keep runnin' straight on through!
Past yesterday, beyond today, tomorrow dreams come true
I dunno i can't pretend i'm all that cool
Never was the best at anything in school
Life is slow and questions just pile on and on and on
Gotta know...where do i belong?
Tried to figure out it all
and the i slipped and tripped and fall
and i know i heard their laughter
So i stood up brushed the dirt away
and dreamed it was a brighter day
This chance i'm after came to life!
Big and Bigger, biggest dreamer
Watch me race across the sky
Hold your breath and soar with me
Close your eyes and you can see it
Flying Farther, Flying Faster we can reach it if we try
Tomorrow's now so take a bow
and kiss your past Goodbye!
Gonna be the biggest dreamer!
I'll keep runnin' straight on through!
Past yesterday, beyond today
Tommorow's dreams come true
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Biggest Dreamer

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