Eşref Ziya - Bir Güneş Doğuyor (English translation)

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A Sun Is Rising

The lightening has flashed among the black clouds,
The cracking floor has embraced the seeds,
The roses have flourished among the rubbish,
The rains have stopped and thereby a sun is rising now.
Increased has the number of the ones; who long for death,
Who pulsate with divine love,
Who tastefully drink the sherbet of shahada (=the martyrs),
They give the good news that a sun is rising now.
I am; one of the obedients in Aqaba,
One of the emigrees inside my heart,
One of the corpse-bearers,
A sun is rising into my body.
All of my work is dedicated to Ms Z. G., who is the real counterpart of Beatrice Portinari for me.
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Bir Güneş Doğuyor

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