Bir Yola Çıktım (English translation)

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I Started A Journey

I started a journey at the night, lets say its name is love
The sun faded away from the window, my flower faded
Smell of a slight sadness on my heart
The hill of coal-like loves burned, will the flow of water calm down?
I've raised a blind and arid love, too far away
I melted ice with my hands, all traps
I've been contenting myself with a single poem for a long time, come and save me
You made me run out of tears in my eyes, oh love, come back
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(the song 'Hich' by masoud sadeghloo and ilyas yalçınkaya, in turkish and persian. the second part of this song was included in that song. I think hich is older, but I might be wrong)


Bir Yola Çıktım

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kertenkelesuratlikertenkelesuratli    Wed, 13/02/2019 - 23:49

the lyrics have a mistake in the first line, there is an extra word
it should be 'Bir yola çıktım geceden adı aşk diyelim' without sözleri