Sephardic Folk - Madres amargadas (English translation)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

Madres amargadas

Madres amargadas,
Non sospiresh mas
Non seran pedridas
Vuestras lagrimas.
Si kon nuestra sangre
Nasio Israel.
Tanto ke bivimos,
Bivira i el.
Patria kerida,
Del puevlo Djudio
Por ver tu bandiera
De nuevo briyar.
Dimos a la tierra,
Almas sin gozar,
Nuestra manseves,
nuestra manseves.
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English translation

Bitter mothers

Bitter mothers,
they no longer sigh,
they won't be lost,
your tears won't be lost.
If with our blood,
Israel was born,
for as long as we live,
it will also live on.
Beloved fatherland,
of the Jewish people,
to see your flag,
shine once again.
We gave to the land,
joyless souls,
our youth,
our youth.
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