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Secrets of the Hidden Temple lyrics

  • Artist: Blac Monks
  • Album: Secrets of the Hidden Temple (1994)

Secrets of the Hidden Temple

[Mr. 3-2]
Monks come together in my temple everyday
Dont worry what the niggas say cause ima play them anyway
Bent up and aggravated but im not to let it show
So wheres my temple to go? Nobody will ever know
With no expression to everything, I react the same
Only speak when im spoke, to avoid giving up game
I wait for your friendly to fuck my grooves so i can eliminated penetrate my power move
With my secrets still impossible to find. Staying on a higher level but its all in the mind
Every design in your whole frame of thought
You fell dead into my trap you've been caught, fool
With no time to think, before you can blink
Further in the quicksand you begin to sink
And though your heart deep down inside is hurting
But infinity they go keep searching for my
Secrets of the Hidden Temple
[Hook] x4
The Secrets of the Hidden Temple
(Your never to clever to be out smarted by the next fucking fellow)
This next fucking test, a mind-blowing test
To see who is the best, And in the end there is death
A bluff is a check, that can lead to a bullet in your
Chest so before you make a teck, you better second guess
Cause running without knowing where you head will get you lost
And pulling your way through will only get you toss
So you you must pay the dos, cause thats what it takes
And learn how the other mans mistakes
To be a master you must have the knowledge and the wisdom
And to get that you must sit back and listen and you learn what they kickin' when they speak but keep it in the temple and the mind what you think
Cause no-one can out smart you unless you let your-self be out-smarted cause even a women can leave you broken broken hearted
Confucius says the mind is the temple, the highest part of the body which makes the hardest problem simple, so if you simple minded lesson 1
Now, Confucius state that patience is a must
So if you miss the bus then you wait on the next bus
The mind is a terrible thing to waste, you must believe in that the knowledge that is taken in
No man or women should be able to retrieve it
Yeaaa best believe it
The secrets of the hidden temple
[Hook] x4
The secrets of the hidden temple
(Your never to clever to be out smarted by the next fucking fellow)
Whats the definition of a monks mission you might ask?
Why am I here and mainly what kind of task should be written
A man like my own self set up bait, something so paranormally revealing that you couldn't begin to say
Well I assist in this time of niss, of total chaos and destruction, a brutal abduction of the mind is the ultimate conclusion, cause as you know, pieces an illusion, causing mass confusion
I've been through through worse and i've seen and done much more, this is why my lyrics are so vicious and hardcore
My fans already know but to the ignorant ive missed
My name is D.A and im a product of the system
Mean it I can be calm yet, violently complex too
This state of mind prevents you punks from getting through
See no one can get in here, It doesnt matter what you feel, cause my mind is tougher still with the secrets of the hidden temple
[Hook] x4
The secrets of the hidden temple
(Your never to clever to be out smarted by the next fucking fellow)
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