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Appaloosa Rider lyrics

  • Artist: Bobby Bare (Robert Joseph Bare Sr.) Also performed by: Bobby Bare Jr.
  • Album: Drunk And Crazy

Appaloosa Rider

Well, somewhere back around thirty six
I was standin' knee deep in the Oklahoma sticks
Pickin' them Jimmie Rodgers' licks like I owned 'em
And the girls in town loved what I'd do
I had Choctaw hair and eyes of blue
They'd call me baby I was six foot two and looked lonesome.
Then yonder come a man in a big ol' car
With a black beret and a big cigar
He said son you're a natural cowboy star for sure
He looked at me and he said sign
I looked at him and I said fine
I wrote my name on the dotted line and I became
The Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider
Hero of the plains.
Soon I was smilin' from magazines
My head slicked down with Vaseline
And all those bobby-sox babies' screams would ring
They'd pack 'em in like Main sardines
And stand 'em in the mezzanines
To see me ride cross the creen and sing.
I hundred fights I musta won
A thousand bullets in my gun
And my hat stayed on through all the fun and glory
But my real life pony had its hood adorned
With a big ol' set of western horns
While all America ate popcorn and marveled at the one and only
Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider
Hero of the plains.
Well, a real life villain had crossed the line
So I crossed Hollywood and Vine
And signed another dotted line my handle
But when I come back most all the noise
Was made for Hoppy's, Gene's and Roy's
And Hollywood had more cowboys than scandals.
So here I am in the Oklahoma sticks
And out of all my old sidekicks
Jack Daniels is the one who sticks around
But old friends and fans have begun to write
And I learned why the other night
When I woke up to a TV fight
The hero won and his hat stayed white
And guess who rode across my sight
I tell you I was dynamite
Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider.
Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider, Appaloosa Rider
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