Bocca di rosa (English translation)

  • Artist: L'Aura (Laura Abela)
  • Also performed by: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Bocca di rosa 3 translations
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Bocca di Rosa *

They called her Bocca di Rosa
her used to put the love (sex)
they called her Bocca di Rosa
used to put love (sex) first of everything
As soon as she has arrived at the station in the little town of Sant'Ilario
just by looking her everybody noticed that she was not a missionary (rather a whore)
Someone do sex due to boredom
someone do sex as a job
Bocca di Rosa neither of those things
she used to do it for passion
But passion often leads to satisfy your own desires
without questioning if the lover is single or has a wife**
And by doing so, Bocca di Rosa very soon got the anger of the others whore to whom Bocca di Rosa has taken the bone away from **
But the curios girls *** does not have so much initiative
the countermeasures at this point was limited to invecting****
Is well known that people gave good advices
feeling like jesus in a temple
is well known that that people gave good advices
if can't gave bad exemples anymore
So an old woman never been married
with no sons and with no sexual desires anymore
started with pleasure to gave everygirls the right advice**
And talking to all the betrayed girls ***** with wise words..saying: "The stealers of love will be punished by the constitution"
e these girls went to the commisioner saying with direct words ******
"this sucker (whore) already has too many clients
more than an alimentary store"
And then four gendarmes with plumes, with plumes, has come..four gendarmes with plumes and weapons
a tender heart is not a gift
wich officers are plenty of
but that time they conducted her to take the train
not so pleased by doing so **
at the station there were everybody from the commisioner to the priest
at the station there were everybody
with red eyes (because of the tears) and with an hap in hands
to salute who for a short time
without claims without claims
bring love in town
There was an yellow cartel
with a black sign:
"Goodbye Bocca di Rosa, with you also the spring is gone"
But an original news does not need any newspaper
goes fast from mouth to mouth just like an Arrow from an Arc
And a the following station more people than the previous one
somebody blow a kiss
others trow a flower away
others book her (sex) for two hours **
Even the priest does not despises
while doing a Miserere and an estrema unzione (religious practis)
the ephemera of beauty
and during the procession he wanted her next to him **
And with the vergin (Maria) in first row and Bocca di Rosa
very close by
he carried away the sacred love and the profane one **
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Author's comments:

I tried my best but this was a very hard song to translate...

* Bocca di Rosa is a methapore to describe a whore

** translation not literally

*** Comari in this context is used to describe girls that like to stick her nose in other peoples business

**** Invettiva means to blame someone with verbal attacks, insults or unfair allegations

***** the word cornuto is used to describe someone who has been betrayed by his patner

****** senza parafrasare means to say something very explicit


Bocca di rosa

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Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sat, 28/12/2013 - 21:49

Thank you for translating, Miro fan. I thought of translating this song as 'whore', but since I didn't know if it would be correct, I did not.

May I ask you just one thing? Instead of adding asteriscs (like you did here using *, ** and others), can you please add footnotes instead? If you don't know how to do so, take a look at the FAQhref> for some info.

Miro fanMiro fan    Sat, 28/12/2013 - 22:02

Uh...i didn't knew about this....i'm going to do it soon Regular smile

Thank you Regular smile