Bocca di rosa (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Also performed by: L'Aura
  • Song: Bocca di rosa 10 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, French, German #1, #2, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

Rose mouth/lips

Versions: #1#2#3
They called her Bocca di Rosa
she would put love, she would put love
they called her Bocca di Rosa
she would put love above anything.
As soon as she got off at the station
in the little village of Sant’Ilario
everybody knew at a one glance
that she wasn't a missionary.
There are those who make love out of boredom,
those who choose it as a profession.
Bocca di Rosa didn't do either,
she did it all for passion.
But passion will often lead you
to the satisfaction of one’s desires
without checking if your infatuation
has a free heart or is already married.
And so it was that from one day to another
Bocca di Rosa was already carrying
The ill-fated wrath of all the bitches
From whom she had snatched a bone.
But the old wives of a little town
Certainly don't shine by their resourcefulness
their countermeasures, up to that point,
were limited to defamation.
It is known that people give good advice
Feeling like Jesus at the temple,
it is know that people give good advice
If the cannot give any more bad example.
Such as a granny, had never been married,
never had children and had no more passion,
she took as her duty and found a it pleasure
To give everybody the right advice.
So addressing the cuckqueans
she called them out, cunningly speaking
"Theft of love will be punished,
Such is it's predestined fate"
The women went to the sheriff,
and told him without paraphrasing
"That wench has too many clients,
Even more than the supermarket".
Four policemen arrived
wearing their plumes, wearing their shakos
and then four guards arrived
wearing their shakos and carrying their weapons.
Quite very often cops and policemen
are fairly useless at their own duty,
But not when they're wearing their uniforms
and they accompanied her to the first train.
Everybody was at the station,
starting from the sheriff to the sacristan
everybody was at the station
with red eyes and their hats in their hands.
To salute the one that for a while,
without pretension, without pretension,
to salute the one that for a while,
brought love to their village.
There was a yellow board
with black writing. It said:
"Farewell Bocca di Rosa
my spring goes away with you".
But news that are quite original
have no need of a newspaper:
Like an arrow that leaves the bow
It quickly flies from mouth to mouth.
At the following station
there were more people than in the previous
one blowing a kiss, one throwing a flower
One booking for a couple of hours.
Even the priest who doesn't despise,
a poor beggar or extreme anointing,
knows the ephemeral goodness of beauty,
and wants her by his side at the procession.
And with the Virgin on the first row
and Bocca di Rosa not very far
Strolling around the village
The love that's sacred and the love that's profane!
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Author's comments:

Took some liberties with the translation but the meaning should be the same.
Some updates, my English has improved since the last time I was here.

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Bocca di rosa

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