In a body

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In a body (English) — Kolektivno, u grupi. Korporativno. Čoporativno.

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"In a body" in lyrics

Melody of love sang from her heart, Emmanuelle
Who’s heart beat in a body apart
Melody of love sang from her heart, Emmanuelle
Who’s body lived with broken heart

Pierre Bachelet - Emmanuelle

Love like a boomerang
returns me to the days of the past
into the cry of madness
in a body I have given you

Serge Gainsbourg - Like A Boomerang

I'm missing every part

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

I've fought with the street. I've got more blue (as in bruises) than a CRS (Frech police) officer.
The galleys of my youth drowned me
into too much use of the glock to pay the lawer.
I'll end up alone in a body bag,
at the back of the parade. It's better to be in bad company than alone
because we come from the bottom.

Corneille - Fathers, Men and Brothers

What to believe when they see them like that
Exciting all the little girls
Why do we believe like that
Isolated in a body

And we've been taken by the hand

Miss Kittin - Third Gender

because you are here and only that,
everything in life calls out
In a body able to protect you
I was born.

Bump of Chicken - Fighter

Who doesn't fly to your heights
And doesn't know the secret hidden inside you

You are in a body full of desires
Surprised by longing lips
But there is no one that is yours

Film - We are not alone

I’m beginning now to see
What you must have thought of me
In a body cast of glass
Life-changing information should just pass.

Maria Mena - Secrets

They say
now that I've got cannon fodder when I walk on fields of love,
and I have a heart
enclosed in a body that's a minefield

They say

Malú - They Say

The sea is one, one its’ sun, white seagulls,
sun and sea, sweet girl, warm morning.
Morning I broached your two petals with a kiss,
and you presented me the whole spring in a body.


Dionysis Savvopoulos - Don't speak of love anymore

a noise, which talks about my life

And like that I go to the lake Axerousia
in a raft, a life, in a body
and all I wanted, actually,
was a kiss from my mother's mouth

Glykeria - On a raft

Let's fall apart together now
Zipping cupid in a body bag well-worn
Next to the mausoleum he was born in
Picking up the pieces of this gory glory of it all

HIM - In Venere Veritas

Well then why cant they make me believe it

You said that you would leave these streets
And I know you didn't mean in a body bag
But now you see you not bullet proof
And Im mad cause you the best that I ever had

Nicki Minaj - We Miss You

I want you, you're smilling all night,
with those hot lips you're giving me might,
it's like I'm flying, because of high I have fear,
play with me, turn the body to dust.


Djomla KS - This night will be awesome

Just that I wasn't the one who killed them.
Let yourself drink by the big secrets of angels !
Let yourself believe that you made me filthy.
Let me see you weak in a body that bends forward.
Let me have the choice that you never get hurt.
(Let me think that you're no longer hurt)X8...

Eths - Ashes

(So lucky, so lucky, so lucky, so lucky)

Those eyes pulling me in, a body made to sin
But I can not win (So lucky)
Wait, I'm ready at the gate,

Zdob și Zdub - So lucky

You want a razorblade? I'll buy it
Just remember to cut up and press hard,
you don't wanna end up in the ER
You wanna end up in a body bag,
a number in the system, another toe tag
Don't you wanna be another statistic?

SickTanicK - God Is Dead (Suicide)

Damnation's oratory
She is the whispering poisoned dart
And the breath of Armageddon all around
The embodiment of evil in a body full of raptures

Cradle of Filth - Manticore

You stand proud with you heart on your sleeve
Pushed around but still you believe
Your friends are lame and you teacher's a drag
You feel trapped in a body bag

You gotta get, gotta get out of here

Babylon Bombs - Liberation

The pants are worn like a coin.
A cigarette in my mouth
I go to take a swim in a body of water.


Zoopark - Summer (A song for Tsoi)

Of the land, scarce bread
And I was for me that it lived
The soul that God gave me
In a body made of reason

Beatriz da Conceição - Black Sheep

Rolls Royce got me feeling like King Tut
Got my codeine cups, bout to drink up
If you're talking about money, we can link up
Bad red boned bitch, body inked up!
Your girlfriend coming home with me
And when she alone with me

Juicy J - One Of Those Nights

But when they carved up the turkey they found
Only stuffing inside
Pledge allegiance to the flag
Wrap it in a body bag…
See the white man in decline

Sarah Harmer - White Man in Decline

one hour at my sweet mercy would be sure to send you blind.

Speeding through the darkness of this endless Friday night,
In a body with one drunk and careless owner.
There is nobody home - but all the lights are shining brightly,
How I'd love to wake beside you when it's over.

Skyclad - My Naked I

For fun

I hope you end up in a body bag
Cause this is your war
We never asked for

Suicide Commando - Body Bag

But when they carved up the turkey they found
Only stuffing inside
Pledge allegiance to the flag
Wrap it in a body bag…
See the white man in decline

Sarah Harmer - White Man in Decline

I'm missing every part. (x4)

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part.

Stefan Biniak - Mad in love

love is everything it is not only sex.

Your lips burn
butterflies in a body
you and me are
in a loving tunnel tonight.

Lana Jurčević - Spinning in me

Apprehending the real state of affairs, the Emperor instantly perceived that the first act of his fatherly care for these erring children (as he esteemed them) now returning to their ancient obedience, must be-- to deliver them from their pursuers. And this was less difficult than might have been supposed. Not many miles in the rear was a body of well appointed cavalry, with a strong detachment of artillery, who always attended the Emperor's motions. These were hastily summoned. Meantime it occurred to the train of courtiers that some danger might arise to the Emperor's person from the proximity of a lawless enemy; and accordingly he was induced to retire a little to the rear. It soon appeared, however, to those who watched the vapory shroud in the desert, that its motion was not such as would argue the direction of the march to be exactly upon the pavilion, but rather in a diagonal line, making an angle of full forty-five degrees with that line in which the Imperial _cortege_ had been standing, and therefore with a distance continually increasing. Those who knew the country judged that the Kalmucks were making for a large fresh-water lake about seven or eight miles distant; they were right; and to that point the Imperial cavalry was ordered up; and it was precisely in that spot, and about three hours after and at noon-day on the 8th of September, that the great Exodus of the Kalmuck Tartars was brought to a final close, and with a scene of such memorable and hellish fury, as formed an appropriate winding-up to an expedition in all its parts and details so awfully disastrous. The Emperor was not personally present, or at least he saw whatever he _did_ see from too great a distance to discriminate its individual features; but he records in his written memorial the report made to him of this scene by some of his own officers.

The lake of Tengis, near the frightful desert of Kobi, lay in a hollow amongst hills of a moderate height, ranging generally from two to three thousand feet high. About eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the Chinese cavalry reached the summit of a road which led through a cradle-like dip in the mountains right down upon the margin of the lake. From this pass, elevated about two thousand feet above the level of the water, they continued to descend, by a very winding and difficult road, for an hour and a half; and during the whole of this descent they were compelled to be inactive spectators of the fiendish spectacle below. The Kalmucks, reduced by this time from about six hundred thousand souls to two hundred thousand, and after enduring for two months and a half the miseries we have previously described--outrageous heat, famine, and the destroying scimitar of the Kirghises and the Bashkirs, had for the last ten days been traversing a hideous desert, where no vestiges were seen of vegetation, and no drop of water could be found. Camels and men were already so overladen, that it was a mere impossibility that they should carry a tolerable sufficiency for the passage of this frightful wilderness. On the eighth day the wretched daily allowance, which had been continually diminishing, failed entirely; and thus for two days of insupportable fatigue, the horrors of thirst had been carried to the fiercest extremity. Upon this last morning, at the sight of the hills and the forest scenery, which announced to those who acted as guides the neighborhood of the lake of Tengis, all the people rushed along with maddening eagerness to the anticipated solace. The day grew hotter and hotter, the people more and more exhausted, and gradually, in the general rush forwards to the lake, all discipline and command were lost--all attempts to preserve a rear-guard were neglected--the wild Bashkirs rode in amongst the encumbered people, and slaughtered them by wholesale, and almost without resistance. Screams and tumultuous shouts proclaimed the progress of the massacre; but none heeded--none halted; all alike, pauper or noble, continued to rush on with maniacal haste to the waters--all with faces blackened by the heat preying upon the liver, and with tongue drooping from the mouth. The cruel Bashkir was affected by the same misery, and manifested the same symptoms of his misery as the wretched Kalmuck; the murderer was oftentimes in the same frantic misery as his murdered victim--many indeed (an ordinary effect of thirst) in both nations had become lunatic--and in this state, whilst mere multitude and condensation of bodies alone opposed any check to the destroying scimitar and the trampling hoof, the lake was reached; and to that the whole vast body of enemies rushed, and together continued to rush, forgetful of all things at that moment but of one almighty instinct. This absorption of the thoughts in one maddening appetite lasted for a single minute; but in the next arose the final scene of parting vengeance. Far and wide the waters of the solitary lake were instantly dyed red with blood and gore; here rode a party of savage Bashkirs, hewing off heads as fast as the swathes fall before the mower's scythe; there stood unarmed Kalmucks in a death-grapple with their detested foes, both up to the middle in water, and oftentimes both sinking together below the surface, from weakness, or from struggles, and perishing in each other's arms. Did the Bashkirs at any point collect into a cluster for the sake of giving impetus to the assault? Thither were the camels driven in fiercely by those who rode them, generally women or boys; and even these quiet creatures were forced into a share in this carnival of murder, by trampling down as many as they could strike prostrate with the lash of their fore-legs. Every moment the water grew more polluted: and yet every moment fresh myriads came up to the lake and rushed in, not able to resist their frantic thirst, and swallowing large draughts of water, visibly contaminated with the blood of their slaughtered compatriots. Wheresoever the lake was shallow enough to allow of men raising their heads above the water, there for scores of acres were to be seen all forms of ghastly fear, of agonizing struggle, of spasm, of convulsion, of mortal conflict, death, and the fear of death--revenge, and the lunacy of revenge--hatred, and the frenzy of hatred--until the neutral spectators, of whom there were not a few, now descending the eastern side of the lake, at length averted their eyes in horror. This horror, which seemed incapable of further addition, was, however, increased by an unexpected incident. The Bashkirs, beginning to perceive here and there the approach of the Chinese cavalry, felt it prudent--wheresoever they were sufficiently at leisure from the passions of the murderous scene--to gather into bodies. This was noticed by the governor of a small Chinese fort, built upon an eminence above the lake; and immediately he threw in a broadside, which spread havoc amongst the Bashkir tribe. As often as the Bashkirs collected into 'globes' and 'turms' as their only means of meeting the long line of descending Chinese cavalry--so often did the Chinese governor of the fort pour in his exterminating broadside; until at length the lake at the lower end, became one vast seething cauldron of human bloodshed and carnage. The Chinese cavalry had reached the foot of the hills: the Bashkirs, attentive to their movements, had formed; skirmishes had been fought: and, with a quick sense that the contest was henceforwards rapidly becoming hopeless, the Bashkirs and Kirghises began to retire. The pursuit was not as vigorous as the Kalmuck hatred would have desired. But, at the same time, the very gloomiest hatred could not but find, in their own dreadful experience of the Asiatic deserts, and in the certainty that these wretched Bashkirs had to repeat that same experience a second time, for thousands of miles, as the price exacted by a retributary Providence for their vindictive cruelty--not the very gloomiest of the Kalmucks, or the least reflecting, but found in all this a retaliatory chastisement more complete and absolute than any which their swords and lances could have obtained, or human vengeance could have devised.

Here ends the tale of the Kalmuck wanderings in the Desert; for any subsequent marches which awaited them, were neither long nor painful. Every possible alleviation and refreshment for their exhausted bodies had been already provided by Kien Long with the most princely munificence; and lands of great fertility were immediately assigned to them in ample extent along the river Ily, not very far from the point at which they had first emerged from the wilderness of Kobi. But the beneficent attention of the Chinese Emperor may be best stated in his own words, as translated into French by one of the Jesuit missionaries:--"La nation des Torgotes (_savoir les Kalmuques_) arriva a Ily, toute _delabree_, n'ayant ni de quoi vivre, ni de quoi se vetir. Je l'avais prevu; et j'avais ordonne de faire en tout genre les provisions necessaires pour pouvoir les secourir promptement; c'est ce qui a ete execute. On a fait la division des terres; et on a assigne a chaque famille une portion suffisante pour pouvoir servir a son entretien, soit en la cultivant, soit en y nourissant des bestiaux. On a donne a chaque particulier des etoffes pour l'habiller, des grains pour se nourrir pendant l'espace d'une annee, des ustensiles pour le menage et d'autres choses necessaires: et outre cela plusieurs onces d'argent, pour se pourvoir de ce qu'on aurait pu oublier. On a designe des lieux particuliers, fertiles en paturages; et on leur a donne des boeufs, moutons, &c. pour qu'ils pussent dans la suite travailler par euxmemes a leur entretien et a leur bienetre."

Thomas De Quincey - Revolt of the Tartars

Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag
Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag

Hollywood Undead - Does Everybody In The World Have To Die

Enough insulting and hating each other, calm down for a bit

Even football that was the most thing that made people happy
Now you go to cheer in the stadium and return in a body bag in a car
I am a guy that is not all about politics anyways
It is just that my life has been trampled down, someone bring it back to me

Shady Srour - Cheap Blood

If you become my fate, what will I become of

Such a strange beauty
In a body that is going to fade
It has the keys of the night
It has won the time

Morfo Tsaireli - Such a strange beauty

The rain falls, I search for shelter again.
The rain falls, I search for shelter again.
Fire that's burning in a body that's freezing.
The rain falls, I search for shelter again.

Eliad Nahum - Sign (Siman)

But the physical interferes
Every day more, O my Creator
What is the good of the strongest heart
In a body that's falling apart?
A serious flaw, I hope you know that

Evita (Musical) - Waltz for Eva and Che

Christ is born...

The Word of God (2) incarnate in a body:
All earthly dark recesses (2) a sun has illumined.

Ukrainian Folk - Heaven and earth

I remeber the night
looking at us and being jealous of us.

I [can] also remember both of us [joined] in a body,
I remember you asking me to stay a little more.
I also remember you writing upon the sand:

Nikos Vertis - I recall in my memory

Christ is born...

The Word of God (2) incarnate in a body:
All earthly dark recesses (2) a sun has illumined.

Ukrainian Folk - Heaven and earth

And only the emptiness remained
Of a dream upon awakening
When the dew dried
It left a desert in my body
The wound reaches the heart

Yordano - Black Pearl

Don't lock me in any cage
Don't summarize me on Wikipedia
I am everything, I am nothing at all
Forever light dressed in a body
So don't lock me in any cave

Hanan Ben Ari - Wikipedia

I'm documenting every detail
Every conversation
I'm not used to talking to somebody in their body
Look, there's somebody in a body, somebody in a body

U2 - Fast Cars

I don’t need a reason
I won’t take it down
I can see you falling
in a body to the ground
We come along we bring the Kontrust on the run
With anther song going like this

Kontrust - Dancer in the Sun

On the ship a flag is hoisted
And a bugle blows.

Young Bulgarians in a body
On the deck appear,
Lion-badges on their foreheads,

March songs - the Danube smooth and gleaming

To give me a knot that undoes
A sweetness that tastes bitter.
And I, small and colossal,
In a body that does not give in
To such a large narrowness.

Carminho - Come

You are a game of the mind
you touch me but you're elsewhere
you are a strong rain
and me a body from paper

Maria Iakovou - Nothing

With fantasy and passion, your caress give me
You're for me the love I want to live for

Now now kiss me, in a body I get wasted
In dribs and drabs I'll drink you and in your eyes I'll lose myself
Now now kiss me, and I let myself in your hands

Antique - Now now

I'm deep with futures like Chicago
No, Glenview never meant a thing to me
She never meant a thing to me
'Cept for putting idealists in a body bag
Forget it,
I'll go out tonight and piss on her doorstep

Fall Out Boy - Growing Up

Then, somewhere deep in steam and pressure
Between the pistons and inside the plates
In the gigantic machine, in the swirling air
In a body that shines with the bronze of the ball-bearings
in the harmony of wheels and nuts
a tiny thought and a moment of emotion awakes

Ultramelanhool - Sweet dreams, Mr. Engineer

I'm not asking you to take me to the sky
Nor I asked you for a cheap love
I'm asking you to lock me in a body
And throw the key once for all

Nikos Oikonomopoulos - I'm not asking you for too much

To taste the foods surely
To sense the joy of living

A mind trapped in a body
Inflicted, uncoordinated
Synopses that fail

Ww Ww - Trapped

So many months of starvation, although the barns were full
So many nights without sleep
Because the whole time was in a dream
So many pains in a body which has always been strong

So marked by the past when reality steps forward

Björn Afzelius - The fight requires many years