Boggie - Sing Lullaby

  • Artist: Boggie
  • Album: Boggie

Sing Lullaby

I have no sunshine in my life
But I can feel you through the night
Sing lullaby
I have no sunshine without you
There is still a spark in you
Sing lullaby
I won't creepin'
I won't weepin'
You can sing lullaby
We've just been together on the ground
We've just seen movies 100's about that
Life can be cruel and fascinating at the same time
Love, love's all around
If you ever only knew
What the future holds to you
You'd sing lullaby
If you ever only thought
That you will sing for me aloud
You'd sing lullaby
Submitted by Em_tyrell on Wed, 10/01/2018 - 23:14