Больной (Bolʹnoy) (English translation)

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Old, weak, and sick, helpless like a child,
Raised in a cattle shed with a view of the Kremlin's stars.
And every streetsweeper had their hit to hit him,
Even I had my right to.
On the street's of the City of the Sun, trash and filth.
And around the street's of the City of the Sun, drunkards fumble around.
He'd turn 'em to ash so long ago,
If he was a youngster.
Old, weak, sick and suddenly turning mad,
I wished to be the Sun, I nearly burned myself.
My body exhausted, bound and gagged,
The paramedics loaded me into the van.
The van speed off,
[and] I spat on the Sun,
And the sun fizzled away,
And I haven't seen him since.

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Больной (Bolʹnoy)

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