Bone of contention

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Bone of contention (English) — A subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement

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Translations of "Bone of contention"

Frenchpomme de discorde
Russianяблоко раздора

"Bone of contention" in lyrics

Who are you to tell me, tell me
Who to, to be, to be?

You're my last bone of contention
That could break at any mention
You're the last wall that will stand tall

Marina and The Diamonds - Hypocrates

I'm a cavalcade that tumbles one by one
But I'm okay, just like Jesus' Son

Bone, bone of contention
I've lost the count of times
I've seen you fucking goodbye

Placebo - Jesus' Son

As you add another loop onto my noose
I lose all sense of what is abuse

'Cause it's always been a bone of contention
This game of "What it is that I've done for you"
I've given you everything for nothing in return

Anthrax - Nobody Knows Anything