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DonsTestimonial lyrics

  • Artist: BONES (Elmo Kennedy O'Connor) Featuring artist: Drew The Architect
  • Album: DamagedGoods


- "How's it going everybody?
Drew here, and this is my buddy Rick"
- "Hello, I'm Rick"
- "We own the shop here at DamagedGoods"
- "From Television sets, VCR players, all the way down to hit clips"
- "It doesn't matter what the hell you bring in here man, we're gonna fix that thing up and we're gonna get it back to you asap, so come on down to the shop and we'll take care of you"
- "And starting today, July 3rd 1987, we felt we'd offer you a little.. bonus, so we're gonna have a blow-out sale for the next 10 days, that's 25% off if you come in and mention the secret word, and the secret word is GRINCH"
- "Here we have some words from one of our customers that has been with us for over 10 years now :"
"Hello, yes.. DamagedGoods repairs is something special, near dear close to my heart, been loyal for years. Drew and Rick will treat you with the sense of customer care that is unmatched, just wow, DamagedGoods repairs, what can I say? It really seem like they can fix most 'cause they can and they have, I wanted to say they fixed my stuff, so should you"
- "Can you believe that ?"
- "So what are you waiting for? Come on down to DamagedGoods repair shop located off of i-75, kitty corner from Panki's taco shop and right next door to our sister company Don Lowell Motors
See ya when I see ya"
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