Tri Yann - Bosenn Langolen (English translation)

Breton (Brezhoneg)

Bosenn Langolen

En iliz emañ bodet an holl wazed:
Erru eo un droug nevez, ur c'hleñved
Dirak an aoter bras emaint o pediñ
Sant Yann ha Sant Sebastian d'hon frezerviñ !
En ur ober un devezh pe zaou pe dri,
Mervel a ra kalz a dud, mui ouzh mui
Hag an holl re-se lazhet gant ar c'hleñved
A rankomp bemdez kas dillo d'ar vered.
Ul lizher 'oa an Aotrou Person o lenn:
« Anv ar c'hleñved-se eo ar vosenn »,
Ul lizher bet kaset din gant hon eskob:
« Tud paour, pinijet e vezimp evel Job! »
Allas! Erru eo ar vosenn er vro-mañ.
Doue, petra hon eus graet eneptañ
Ma tag ac'hanomp en un doare ken kriz,
Ma venn dezhañ kas un ken taer a gastiz?
Teir sizhun zo tremenet pan erruas.
Ne chom nemet va mab ha me bey c'hoazh:
« Kuitaomp hon ti ha chomomp barzh ar vered,
Benn ma varvimp hon daou en douar benniget. »
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English translation

Plague of Langolen

In the church are gathered all the married men:
A new evil has arrived, a sickness
Before the great altar they are there praying
Saint John and Saint Sebastian preserve us!
In the length of a day or two or three,
A great many people were dead, more and more
And all of them were slain by the sickness
Everyday we must take them to the cemetery.
The Reverend Priest was reading a letter:
“The name of this sickness is the plague,”
A letter sent to me from our bishop:
“Poor people, we are being punished1 like Job!”
Alas! The plague is come to this country.
God, what have we done against you
That you treat with us in such a harsh manner,
To bring such a violent punishment upon my head?
Three weeks have passed since it came.
There is only my son and myself still living:
“Let us leave our house and stay within the cemetery,
That the two of us may die on hallowed ground.”
  • 1. Literally, “penanced.”
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