Bosno moja, jabuko u cvetu (English translation)

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My Bosnia, an apple in bloom

I'm watching Fruška Gora from Salaš
Vojvodina's grain-bearing fields
I'm listening to Janica Balash's gig
And in my soul my Bosnia
My Semberio in April
You rocked me in your lap
My Bosnia, an apple in bloom
What lets me go, what lets me go
To wander the world
I am watching the Danube from Novi Sad
Ships arriving from a distance
I have a glass of September wine in my hand
And in my soul my Drina
I look at the villa in the snow blossom
I drink wine from a golden goblet
And in my soul a roofer
And in her honor my mother's old
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Bosno moja, jabuko u cvetu

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