with both hands

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Meanings of "with both hands"


Willingly; readily.

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"with both hands" in lyrics

Galileo Galilei - Blue Bookmark

I'm holding a soda pop in my right hand; the left one is always looking for you

Like that, I'm hugging the spring breeze with both hands occupied
Time is still on our side, so I don't want you to say,

Tiziano Ferro - The Comfort

That comfort that has to do with you
That comfort that has to do with you
To weigh the heart with both hands, it takes courage
And way, way too much love

Proekt Zhit - Live

I've made myself, you're no worse
You can do it, you're no worse
Grab at your chance with both hands
Change your life together with us

Park Bom - You and I

You help me up so many times with that unfaltering look in your eyes
And when I was going through a tough time
Without fail, you found me on the edge of sadness and held me up with both hands

Bugzy Malone - Ordinary People

Especially when you've got no plans
So much pain on a daily basis
Would you not grab the painkiller with both hands?
It's a shame the painkiller's weed and liquor

Last Alliance - Thunderclap

The blue sky is wrapped in grey
I've waited impatiently as the wind caresses my shoulders
I've continued to hold on with both hands
To a nihilistic hope called "thunderclap"

The Pillows - My Foot

A love song that vanished in the wind
A poster I couldn't hang on the wall
I clutch with both hands a present I missed the chance to give away

SHINee - Countless

Of why I think of you all night

When I tried to take my hand away, you held it with both hands
I tried to push you away but you stayed by my side

Seryoga - King Ring

Where it forces a fighting stray lived?
Hits with both hands, suddenly - hook, sharp, like an awl.
Newspapers write: "Angry and aggressive, primitive"...

Pink Floyd - Money

It's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream

Sayuri Kokusho - Big cat

I just wanted that big cat
I want to sleep embraced with both hands

Khashayar - Babe (Oh, boy!)

I get back to her home by a boat
She is so hot that I paddle with both hands

Khashayar - Hooloo

I get back to her home by a boat
She is so hot that I paddle with both hands

Elias Lönnrot - The Kalevala

To his back he tied the quiver,
Placed the bow upon his shoulder,
With both hands he grasped his snow-cane,
Speaking meanwhile words as follow:

Andy y Lucas - I Loved Her So Much

The bells and more bells that my soul has heard
You know very well that I would’ve taken you to the last frontier
That the paths of the life must be picked with both hands

Lepa Brena - Hit Mujo

I’ll hit to the sky.
Tell me, baby, there’s no tricks,
I’ll hit with both hands.

Bosse - Stones

Even when down here the bird no longer sings
Shall I bring tons of debris upwards
And then squatting in the rubble, digging with both hands
What would happen when my hand suddenly finds yours?

Girls' Generation - Not alone

I’ll be there for you
If I’m needed, I’ll always
Reach out with both hands
Life goes on

Kollna Sawa - oh, pretty!

my lover is a Narcissus flower, blooming in the nature
oh sugarcane, blooming next to the waters
my lover is a piece of Ambergris, and i am holding it with both hands.
and the fear of losing what is in my hands, is making my hands tremble.

Oldelaf - The cold hands

It was so beautiful the Monge street [fn] Street in Paris [/fn] under the snow
And I walked with both hands in the pockets
Full of holes of my beige pants