Sakis Verros - bravo sou (English translation)


bravo sou

Μη προσπαθείς να το πεις
αφού ξέρω όλα έχουνε τελειώσει
Απ'τη δική μου πλευρά
ό,τι είχα και δεν είχα στο'χω δώσει
Μπράβο σου καρδιά μου
που έχεις καταστρέψει
όλη τη ζωή μου
και δε λες μια λέξη
Μπράβο σου τ'αξίζεις
που όλα έχουν τελειώσει
τη φτωχή καρδιά μου
που'χεις πια σκοτώσει
Μη ψάχνεις τρόπο να βρεις
για να μου πεις ότι κουράστηκες μαζί μου
Πες ό,τι έχεις να πεις
μη σε νοιάζει τι θα γίνω στη ζωή μου
Αν θες να φύγεις, φύγε
εγώ δε σε κρατάω
ευθύνες δε ζητάω
θα είναι περιττό
αν θες να φύγεις, φύγε
κι όταν εσύ θα φεύγεις
θα σε χειροκροτώ.
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English translation

Well done

Don't try to tell me anything
Because I know that it's all over
In my point of view
whatever I had and didn't have, I gave them to you
Well done my heart
You have desroyed
All my life
And you don't say a word
Well done you deserve it
That it's all over
my poor heart
You have now killed
Don't try to find a way
to tell me that you are tired of being with me
Tell me whatever you have to tell
Don't care what i'm going to do with my lfe
If you want to leave, you can leave
I don't keep you here
I don't put the blame on you
I doesn't matter anyway
If you want to leave, you can leave
And when you leave
I will applaud.
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