To break down

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Meanings of "To break down"


Silom otvoriti, razvaliti vrata.

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"To break down" in lyrics

Big Bang - Day by day

My heart vanished like smoke
It can't be erased like a tatoo
I deeply sigh as if the earth was going to break down
There is only dust in my mind

Oxxxymiron - A city under hoof

You live under a thumb, I have a city under my hoof

Give me a bit of strength here not to turn and not to crack [fn]in Russian in can be interpreted in variety of ways: either it is about the moral strength - then it is "not to give up, not to crack", or it is about a car (van in this context) - then "not to break down"[/fn]
There is a route and there is a center of population on the highway

Day6 - Sweet Chaos

My sandcastle
Has met your wave
It’s starting to break down
What do I do? Help me

Myriam Fares - From the Guarding Eye of my Mother

I’m going to break down the highest mountains
I’m going to break down the highest mountains

Yoga Lin - Waste

You and he didn't fulfill your expectation
Your relationship began to break down within just half a year
My love hasn't changed though

De La Ghetto - We front because we can

My mom takes care of me from above, so it's impossible for the chef to break down
Sweat and many tears, body, soul on the stage
My mom takes care of me from above, so it's impossible for the chef to break down

Maná - Irony

In love's wars

How ironic, what a way to break down, my love
and in my sad hands, I keep the emptiness of your scent

Tom Jones - Delilah!

My, my, my, Delilah!!!
Why, why, why, Delilah???
So before they come to break down the door...
Forgive me, Delilah, I just couldn't take any more.

Maxim - My soldiers

and chaos erupts inside of me,
I send my soldiers
to break down the restistance.
everytime my heart cries for you

Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?

I didn't come here for cryin'
Didn't come here to break down
It's just a dream of mine is coming to an end

Thirty But Seventeen (OST) - Just Stay

I'm afraid if I dissapear
On a day that seems to break down

Radwimps - Reminiscence

''I'd rather have all the loneliness in the universe,'' they say, waving their hands up high.

''The world's tired,'' they say. ''All that's left is for her to break down.
Shall I show you the manners of an age where a Mother would harm her children?''

Asarkos - Land of tears is mysterious

I have lost contact with my friends
And I feel strange
At any rate I wait to break down
Land of tears is mysterious

IU - Obliviate

Head, obliviate, heart, obliviate
It hurts, how much more do I have to break down?
This isn’t right, it can’t be true

Once Monsters - Messed Up

I wanna overdose
On the air you breathe
Some days I need to break down
Some days you’re just like me

Ivan Franko - Stonemasons (breakers)

By this holy thought, with mallets in hand.
We who are cursed, and forgotten by the world!
We break down the cliffs, level out the true roads,
And fortune will come to all by our dear bones.

Btooom! (OST) - No Pain, No Game

I embraced the furthest ends of this story 
And continued wandering without a destination 
Into this dripping new world. 
The game has only just begun. 

Bahh Tee - You don't deserve me

Time will change everything, we can't control this, there will be no more 'us' - will be 'you' and 'me', we have 2 different destinies.
I was strong enough not to break down, so i can stand up and break all the limits on my way to succes.
I will change my life for good, you will see i will be succesfull.

Sotis Volanis - Like A Cigarette

You don't even care if I'm alive
I light one cigarette after the other
I feel like I'm about to break down

Bob Marley - Exodus

Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!

Jah come to break down 'pression, rule equality
Wipe away transgression, set the captives free