Break even

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Meanings of "Break even"


to have expenses equal to profits

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έχω τόσα έξοδα όσα έσοδα

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"Break even" in lyrics

Anna Tsuchiya - Black tears

I can’t count the nights when I’ve hoped tomorrow won’t come
I’ve lost my dreams and my love; lashed by the rain, I’m crying, crying, crying…

What do I need to do

Andrea Bocelli - Gloria the Gift of Life

For the gift of life
For the air we breathe
For the tears we cry
For every melody

Yu Yu Hakusho (OST) - A Smile That's a Bomb

In a crowd on a city street, shoulders bumping, I'm alone 
In an endless prairie, wind blowing hard, I'm alone 
I wonder which is the place I'd want to cry? 
Drawing two circles, I feel just a little grown-up.

Utada Hikaru - Blue

Familiar city, familiar people
All things seem to happen in abroad
Do you want to feel one more?
in every day life

Emraan Hashmi - If you get meet

And Your smell will get observe to my body
That will not break even by God
That will not break even by God
That very relationship will adopt

Kim Dong Ryul - Departure

I wanna go to the farthest place
I wonder what kind of people I can meet over there
I wanna go to the highest point
I wonder the place I can see beyond

Mustafa Sandal - Take and Send

Assume life is a toy
Rules break even if you don't put them
The sun raises and brings warmth to the day

Nek - You're great

with your breath that moves against my lips,
I don't wanna talk about yesterday
With the life i never break even,
You are different to the others, you give more.

Megaherz - Shards bring luck

Oho, shards bring luck
Oho, shards bring...
It doesn't matter how many break, even if everything lies in ruins
I'll build myself anew out of the shards

Utada Hikaru - The Flavor of Life

When I'm told "thank you" by you, it's somewhat painful
The magic which doesn't break even after "goodbye" is faintly bittersweet
The flavor of life

Kim Petras - Heart to Break

[Verse 1]
Any time, that you like
Gonna give you my heart to break
Angel eyes, tell me lies

Yoko Nagayama - A woman's Jonkara bushi

The sky became plumb-coloured
The spring is too distant from me
If I hit the thick neck, I break even the strings
I hate you, I love you, you ache me, you're hard

Osman Hadžić - You Don't Love Me

for this sadness there is no cure
heart would break even if it were stone
'cause you, you dont love me

Joel & Luke - Love's To Blame

Time in Time I thought through it all
How we loved and loved
and how we fought each other
pushing one another

POLKADOT STINGRAY - With the Breaking Dawn

Ah, here in this world
There exist two kinds of people.
Rather than receiving,
Giving's always seemed much simpler to me.

The Script - Breakeven

Oh it don't break even no
Oh it don't break even no
Oh it don't break even no

Inna - 10 Minutes

I’m gonna do this step by step do it anyway, got to feel your loving
I’m gonna break even the law of gravity to see you in the morning

Harry Styles - From the Dining Table

Woke up alone in this hotel room
Played with myself, where were you?
Fell back to sleep, I got drunk by noon
I've never felt less cool

B.A.P (South Korea) - Unbreakable

Being chased by time
I ran towards my dreams
Chasing out sleep
My nights ran towards my dreams

Machine Gun Kelly - Raise The Flag

Hear it once,
Speak it twice,
Hearts never break even,
And they change color like seasons,