break the ice

Submitted by Alma Barroca on 05.08.2017

break the ice (English) — to make people who have not met before feel more relaxed with each other

English, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Sun, 23/12/2012 - 17:28

break the ice — To put people at ease where there is silence or apparent apprehension between individuals or with a group. Initiating conversation is one way. Telling a joke to 'lighten' the mood can also break the ice, or be 'an ice breaker'.

English, explained by Ww Ww on Wed, 27/07/2016 - 00:05

break the ice — To do something as a means of reducing or eliminating shyness, awkward tension, or unfamiliarity.

English, explained by Alma Barroca on Sat, 05/08/2017 - 21:47

break the ice — das Eis brechen

German, explained by Mauler on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 08:59

break the ice — Σπάω τον πάγο. Κάνω τους άλλους να νιώσουν άνετα σε μια πρώτη συνάντηση

Greek, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 15:47

break the ice — Σπάσε τον πάγο

Greek, explained by Guest on Sun, 03/12/2017 - 16:44

break the ice — باز شدن يخ رابطه ها (معذب نبودن در جمع)

Persian, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Sun, 23/12/2012 - 17:29

break the ice — Сделать первый шаг, начать общение, нарушить молчание.

Russian, explained by NikoletaBrilliant on Sun, 23/12/2012 - 10:28

break the ice — zlepšiť vzťahy

Slovak, explained by Slovakia on Fri, 20/12/2013 - 18:57

break the ice — Romper el hielo

Spanish, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 15:48

break the ice — Bryta isen

Swedish, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 15:49

Translations of "break the ice"

CroatianProbiti led.
CzechProlomit ledy
DanishAt bryde isen
Frenchbriser la glace
Germandas Eis brechen
GreekΝα σπάσω τον πάγο
ItalianRompere il ghiaccio
PortugueseQuebrar o gelo
Romaniana sparge gheaţa
Russianсломить, сломать лёд
SerbianProbiti led
SlovakPrelomiť ľady
SpanishRomper el hielo
TurkishAradaki buzları eritmek

"break the ice" in lyrics

Who would have said I would know it one day?

I don't have the courage to tell it to your face
I take advantage of the moment to break the ice
Oh! I'have too much pride and it annoys me
Finally, maybe I'm not that tough

Colonel Reyel - Every night ( all the nights)

What are you afraid of?
to laugh and then cry,
to break the ice
that cover your silence

Jarabe de Palo - Scream

Like me, I know that you also in my bed, in my arms want to wake up, both naked, I kiss you and I caress the breeze. And finally from the work, in your face a smile of satisfaction from what you and I did. While the moon watches and is made the witness of the shouts that you made feeling pleasure. You kill the feelings that I come to see. You the senora that kills me if I see you. And it drives me crazy to hear her yearnings. Listening to the groans only from the intense sex. In the dark of the bedroom, it's an immense silence.

but come on, today let's do it without fear, today we are going to break the ice, already today the night is perfect, to do it until daybreak,but come on, today let's do it without fear, today we are going to break the ice, already today the night is perfect, to do it until daybreak

why do you deny it more, why do you fight it, If you are she that makes me tremble, I am the man that makes you sweat, so give it to me, my love, why do you deny it more, why do you fight it, If you are she that makes me tremble, I am the man that makes you sweat, We kill these feelings of love

R.K.M & Ken-Y - ME MATAS


Your faces are beyond me
I want to break the ice
Your lead glass are beyond me
I don't see anything in you, everything is superficial

Jena Lee - Style

Today, the night is perfect
We'll do it until dawn
But come on, today we'll do it without fears
Today we'll break the ice
Today, the night is perfect
We'll do it until dawn

R.K.M & Ken-Y - Ma matas

Imagine never touching your body to mine
Filling that emptiness that had been left in you
And you have become everything in my life
And you have come to break the ice of all my fantasies

Tell me if it's not true

Marc Anthony - Tell Me If It's Not True

the night is dark, magic eyes enchant me

bandit and out on the street, but an all gentleman
crazy to break the ice
put out the fire of this cat in zeal

Daddy Yankee - Mirame

Do you believe as I, that everything can be good,
as long as we are together?
Break the ice, with the step, which makes each breath the adventure.
Hold me tight, with feeling.
It is so nice, when you laugh.

MIA. - Dance of the molecules

I would simply like one day…
You come back finally to talk of love.
The cameras would stay in their place.
And we would break the ice between us.

Because if I love you, at the bottom of my American night*

Alain Delon - Like at the Movies

I see her step in
See how she smiles hotly
But I stay cool
Because I know she wants to break the ice
She looks charming
What a dream of a woman

Culcha Candela - Icecold

I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue
Want an axe to break the ice
I want to come down right now

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

Come and warm me
Fill the embers into me
Break the ice for me
Come and heal me

OOMPH! - Much too deep

Give me back my strength because otherwise I freeze
Run, come on run, nobody helps us here
Break the ice which surrounds my heart
Come and save me, come and save me

Silbermond - 1, 2, 3

today now that the night is perfect
To do it until we wake up
today, we are doing it with out fear
today, we are going to break the ice
today now that the night is perfect
To do it until we wake up

Joann Rosario - Cuando Reposo En Ti

To me you'll be forever sacred

You break the ice when you speak
With every breath you take
You save me

Tokio Hotel - Sacred

Bite your lips
I’m your tissue
I break the ice
Come on stupid
Take my caresses

Lavrentis Mahairitsas - Come on my little soul

in the dark desert of sky...

I want a axe
to break the ice
Oh! Oh
I wanna wake up

Nenhum de Nós - The marble astronaut

For you might come back on an evening
That you might want to return to the old days
I couldn´t stand it anymore so I wrote to you
Let´s break the ice, won´t you write back
Let us be together forever

Nilüfer - I´ll wait for you where you kissed me

I can be like everyone else are
Normal and completely unknown
I am good company
I break the ice
But from the mirror I see only the mask

Haloo Helsinki! - I don't exist

girl, the night is perfect
to do it till the mornin
But cmon 2day lets do it w/ out fear
to were gonna break the ice
the night is perfect
to do it till the mornin

R.K.M & Ken-Y - ME MATAS

To me you'll be forever sacred

You break the ice when you speak
With every breath you take
You safe me

Tokio Hotel - Sacred

Allow me to get you right
Let you warm up to me
Baby I can make you feel
Let me break the ice
Allow me to get you right
Let you warm up to me

Britney Spears - Break The Ice

And go
Understand you without words

When you break the ice
Of my soul for me
Whatever comes between us

Yvonne Catterfeld - When I

To me you'll be forever sacred

You break the ice when you speak
With every breath you take
You save me

Tokio Hotel - Sacred

Parara parara para...

Oh baby,
I am dying for touching you and break the ice.
The ice which is burning me inside. And I want more of your kisses.
And as the wind takes away words,

Leslie Grace - Air

They ll be left to see that i wanna kno
whos gonna drop me the shot ( i think) literay means the flight
every time i leave????? no clu
hipocrits dont greet me n break the ice
talk 2 me clear y for he sarrow
i come curtious, from Morera y Veguilla el que los trilla?

Los Benjamins - Royal rumble

Don’t hesitate,
Do it for me with hot thoughts
Break the ice and show me what you want
The summer has moments where
all sins are permitted

Eleni Foureira - What Are You Looking At?

This isn't the right way, I know that for sure
This silence takes me away from you
Freedom of speech we'll break the ice
This silence takes

Ewa Farna - Silent

Coldness, wind and rain have given birth to these
Sacred power of nature that will define future
Hit again, powerfully, break the ice in the heart
Fear, awe and beauty live harmoniously in raging cold

Frozen (OST) - Raging cold

Now our times running out
So you've got to be strong
If you want to make this right
Break the ice
Don't think twice
Take me away

Miranda Cosgrove - What Are You Waiting For

I see her step in,
See how hotly she smiles,
But I stay cool,
Because I know she wants to break the ice
She looks incredible
What a dream of a woman!

Culcha Candela - Ice Cold

Then she died - tragical
In a drowningaccident
I'll never forget how we had to break the ice
And drag her ashore
I remember one of us singing

Postgirobygget - Under the ice

Now I've been dealt a hand
Bad cards I wanna fold them
When I try to break the ice
They always give me that cold shoulder
Yeah I've been left for the vultures one too many times

IM5 - Heartless

Will I be able to look into your face
And tell you: "I did what I could"
If I could only break the ice
And touch your cheek, without shame?
Will I be mature enough to ask for grace

Stephan Eicher - A thousand lives

Should I ask you or should I keep my lips sealed?
What should I do?
Just like a little sweet-hearted child
I start blushing, I have to break the ice
You won't give me a minute's rest
What should I do?

Animal X - Just like it used to be

You make me think like
I couldn't accept you to have a boyfriend
Damn!!! Life is strange
Look, the moment to break the ice is now
You stay in front of me so long time
You make me fallen in love , how can I change myself now

Nane - Closer

Now beat into the ice, cold and clear.
Search for love and danger.
Find beauty, pure and true.
Break the ice in two.
The heart of ice lays free.

Frozen (OST) - Frozen Heart [German]

It might be inappropriate because
Either way our band get dropped
I wish it didn't have to be so bad
But I'd play with fire to break the ice
And I'd play with nuclear device
Is it something I'll regret?

Blink-182 - Wendy Clear

I don't know how to live through this hell
Woken up, I'm still locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can't take anymore

Freezing, can't move at all

Metallica - Trapped Under Ice

So how would we ever be able
to break the ice
Tell me how to
break the ice

Kent - Indians

Drink up all night Nobody can stop me
Everybody, the party of punks
Break the ice! Oh Save my life!
Let’s give it up
live up baby!

PSY - Na-p’al-ba-ji

Icebreakers don't break any hearts
Icebreakers only break the ice
Icebreakers don't break any hearts
Icebreakers only break the ice

Only the ice

Nena - Icebreaker

My tears run down, my heart confessed
It’s cold, so cold

Oh help me break the ice
The ashes of my paradise
Don’t go, don’t go

Kelly Sweet - Ashes of My Paradise

Let's take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known
See, I have pity in watching you suffer
I know the feeling of being damned alone
I've got a storybook of my own
Don't you see

Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd of Fire

What they're talking, what they hating
Cause you know they're on my shit!
You're dangerous like TNT
I play with fire to break the ice
Think about you day and night!

Smiley - Criminal

Born from frost and storm and stone, an subterranean star
A merciless, but wonderful trophy bitingly cold heart
Break the ice, cut your way in
Even though there's love and fear in your mind
You'll harden yourself and cut again

Frozen (OST) - The Pounding of the Frozen Heart

Drink up all night Nobody can stop me
Everybody, the party of punks
Break the ice! Oh Save my life!
Let’s give it up
live up baby!

PSY - Bell-bottoms

In the coldest days of Winter

I must break the ice for fishing;

With my nets you never help me!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - The Song of Hiawatha

It's inevitable ascending to heaven
it's inevitable falling relentlessly
and it's inevitable to break the ice
and for fire to run through my head.

La Negra - Inevitable

Do you believe as I do that everything can be good
as long as we are together.
Break the ice with a step that turns every breathing into a venture.
Hold fast onto me in a gentle way.
It's so lovely when you smile.

MIA. - Dance of the Molecules

I don't allow you to rest and I'll fight you anyway
I don't allow you to dodge and I need to hear you state it anyway
Even a nod won't assure me...Don't be frightened...Stand on your feet
It feels like icy cold, but I'll break the ice anyway and wake up all emotions

We're like needles against each other and a pair of foes

Super Girls - At Once Love

other [fn] women [/fn] for me are just a number
and hundred loves far

Without a purpose I break the ice on my heart
there's no place for others, is there
because it knows only for you

Cvija - Hundred loves

reach level 99
the pain cuts deep down
through my vain
how will I break the ice
welcome to my reality
dream forever

Blind Guardian - I'm alive

And it's my nature to be shy but not tonight, no
So let me make the first move
I'll make it easy for you
Someone has to break the ice, oh baby, oh

Don't care bout your money or the car that you drive

Victoria Beckham - That Kind Of Girl

Your intolerable behavior
When it comes to me

My Attempts to break the ice
Chance depends on the roll of the dice
Can you help me understand

Kelly Osbourne - Edge Of Your Atmosphere

There's no reason to be in silence
I want to see your heart content
Lift your head, don't look back
Break the ice, leave your place
Take a leap, let's celebrate

Lilly Goodman - Baggage

Down low
Gotta hide now - gotta fight now -
Gotta save your soul and pray
Gotta break the ice away
Gotta find the true blue tattoo)

Vanilla Ninja - Blue Tattoo

I see you standing by your locker all day
I wanna say hey
But boy I'm too shy to break the ice
I know you know a lot of my friends
I heard this from them

Jordan Pruitt - My Shoes

In a flawed world
We let suffering interfere
Why hold back?
Let's break the ice to no longer flee
Let's take the reins of our future

Eskemo - If We Wait

Today I could aswell be accompanied,
Break the ice where I was being held,
Well, today I could have meet someone friendly,
Well, today I could have stopped being with you.

Enjambre - Sweet Solitude

Can't come out of your shell
It's hell

It's time to break the ice

Stratovarius - Break The Ice

Well I was hoping you and I
could break the ice just right tonight
as she whispers in my ear “come on boy”,
And I've got nothing left to say.

Like The Stars - Not Enough

What if she loved anyone else, but not me
Cause in my dreams I see us sharing a last name*
A half a year passed, days on fire and sleepless nights
It tore up my heart, but I couldn't break the ice
So, one day I decided to make the first move
I bought flowers and came to her door, just to see her

Basta - Prom (Slow Dance)

How many shots does it take to start the game
I can tell by your drink (drink)
You had a long day (day)
Let me break the ice girl what’s your name
And can I take all your worried stress away (ooh, ooh)

The Weeknd - Superhero

Tonight I'm going to break the ice from the tears that were left dry for so many years and I want to talk about it all
About the dreams that were lost along with our short pants
Our so many losses, the fear, the empty embrace

We're crazy to leave our world in pieces
We're crazy to be scared of the droning sound

Filippos Pliatsikas - We're Crazy

Walk in the room; I'm a man on a mission.
You're standing there, and I feel that connection.
I break the ice and I ask what your name is.
Then I recall that we already did this...
Somehow I missed it.

Nick Jonas and The Administration - Last time around

Please keep your promise, to fly here and break the ice for me
Being amidst Iceland's scenic beauty does not kill my dependence
The dust of time has buried that love
But the remnants of the vow were never cleared
While you have talked about
Resuming the old scene the next year

Juno Mak - Reykjavík

I would rather like you to kiss me (na na na)
now you'll have to take the chance before it's too late (na na na)
If you're looking for a trick to break the ice (banana banana banana na na)

It's the dessert served by

Lio - Banana split

Oh Mr. Ambassador! You are spoiling us.
With your chocolate treats you delight my mouth
I take the first one to break the ice
I unwrap the foil and I find a meatball.
You live in so much luxury and you spend so much money

Imiskoumbria - Dancing with the fatty

On thin ice, it must be friendship
Come, let's fall through the thin ice together[fn]Literally "on thin ice, come, let's fall through together"[/fn]

I keep my promise to break the ice
Because I run away, it'll take revenge

Heldmaschine - Thin Ice

Back back hate hate the people want their minds back

(Verse 2)
Tip the weight of it but don't break the ice man
Current out a jettison and net him when the kites land
Who controls the pigeons pissing who's on your flight plans

Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals

To dream you, or to live?
I don't want anymore waiting
I don't want anymore learning
how to break the ice.

When your reflection fades,

Patricia Kaas - Tired of waiting

If I had my small worries,
More than my brain could handle,
She was there to quickly solve the problem
She knew how we could break the ice

She was laying in my bed

Ges - In My Bed

I'm a girl, and you're a boy - we're too old to play with toys
Won't you tell me what's your name? You could be my brand new game
You begin and roll the dice, I would smile and break the ice
Tell me how could I resist, when you're my favorite kiss? - Kissy Kissy

And also my tire went flat in addition

I struggle hopelessly, but got no money
[to beat like fish against the ice - in winter, the fish tries to break the ice from beneath to get some air, but this effort is useless, hence the idiom]

The road beats against the tires like a jack hammer

Sergey Trofimov - Struggling hopelessly

There are a lot of signs with “plus” quality around,
If you want to be happy, take life as a prize.
Don’t give excuses like you are unlucky,
If you feel cold, break the ice inside.
Positivity is always near, and there’s a lot of it,
Open your eyes wider and look (at the world) like you are a child.

Vector Five - The World of Positivity

Ah ah ah ah ah
That the music makes you dance
Ah ah ah ah ah
No matter the weather, we break the ice
Until dawn
If you turn the volume up

Iuliana Beregoi - My fault

I would have taken you skating
Dancing under the lights
All I want for Christmas
Baby, is to break the ice
I would have traded my presents
To see you under the tree

Kendall Schmidt - Blame It On The Mistletoe

Because love isn't perfect
As what is perfect doesn't fit with passion.

And the more and more and more I try to break the ice
I lose gravity and feel in few seconds how I fall to the ground
And I feel that it's true and that Newton's Law is not wrong (is not wrong)

Beatriz Luengo - Newton's Law

Tic toc, tic toc
But you're just letting time go by

I wanna break the ice (hey)
But you keep acting cold (oh)
You got to say something, say something (say something)

Anna Blue & Damien Dawn - Say Something

I will break the ice, when at night we have these several words on us
Lips like sweet honey
When at night we have these several words on us
The cold runs through, disappears
I forget the whole world, the whole world is burning
I want to walk away in this embrace with you for always

Cleo (Poland) - Astrophysics

The man is still playing his violin
Weather is getting cold
He is still trying
to break the ice

But hard hearts

Cumulus - Love is asking

I'll rip you a new one, call me Kaiba!
I'm a champion, look at that! Call in my 'mons, beat you just like that,
Gimme ya Poke-dough! SUCKA!
Lemme break the ice like a true fighting type.
Knocking off Magic isn't very effective, man.
Even Hearthstone lived up to its hype. Good old Blizzard's here to swipe!

123Lunatic - Ash vs Yugi - Epic Pixel Battle #10

Would you pay the price
Would you cut the crap
Would you kill me now
Would you break the ice
Would you change your life
Would you make me proud?

No One Is Innocent - Come On

The winter and the mountain breeze have made an ideal force
Its heart is frozen, the ice is both generous and brutal

So strike with your pitchforks, we won't tremble
We'll love and fear every hit
A clear, beautiful and sharp cold

Frozen (OST) - Frozen Heart

connect the dots
What we gonna do when it's over

An awkward moment but then a smile will surely break the ice
You play with fire, burning down the house
When you're home, I'm always gone

Viktor Király - Electricity

[Verse 1]
Are you shy?
You still couldn't see me walking by
I speak up, try my best to break the ice
You stu-stu-stutter like it's your very first time, time, time

Keke Palmer - Blackout

She says "What's your name?"
I say "My name's Aris
The night's got a moon" [fn]this phrase rhymes in Greek, most likely used to break the ice by making the other one laugh[/fn]
And the like
She grabs me by the hips

Modern Fears - I want you

In every situation with it's tireless rage
Step outside your cage and let the real fool show

I should have stayed round to break the ice
I thought about it once or twice
But nothing ever changes unless there's some pain

Tears for Fears - Goodnight Song

So many friends but nobody calls
Can't be alone when the darkness falls
Got to make it to the party
Socialise, break the ice

Oh Lady Xanax, where were you last night?

Duran Duran - Lady Xanax

Take a little time gonna roll the dice
Taken for a ride, any normal life will do, too.
Find another way, try to break the ice
Every day and night, the banana peels were true (?). True.

Band of Horses - Blue Beard

I am looking into your eyes so that I can see what remained of us
what fights in order to be saved, and what is lost forever
You look into my eyes, I know that inside you, you want
someone to break the ice and say
I am not letting you go

Despina Olympiou - I Won't Let You Out Of My Sight

I wouldn't mind at all if you kissed me, na na na
You better jump on the chance before you miss it, na na na
If you're looking for a trick to break the ice, banana banana
banana na na

Lio - Banana Split

But I'll cheer myself up with a cigarette, fuck!

On the sand, we play a game of massages
To break the ice
First, you hold me, then you let me go
I really can't do it anymore.

Danilo Alba - Your Freedom

But in the end of the road, they are going to give the wreath to me

And if you want us to talk about big things,
We must break the ice with Kostalas's poses
Because the life we live isn't comfortable in a throne
It bows to sin, falls in love with pain

Kore. Ydro. - Another night of confusion and laughter

Oh yeah, so happy

Try with an eagle, it will make you look so nice
And if you start to warm, you can further break the ice
Come on let's go, get it on, everybody let's go, have some fun
I've got a feeling you could use a little smile

Aqua - Happy Boys & Girls

On the side, make a little, make a little
Something for his appetite
Everybody needs a little lubrication
Someone with imagination got to break the ice
You'll never make it in a Motown suit
No way to fake it man they're not your roots

10cc - Action Man in a Motown Suit

I've been here before
I've been here before

But to break the ice would take a miracle
A thousand lies that I'm trying so hard to ignore
Trying so hard to ignore

No Angels - Been Here Before

What are you afraid of
To laugh and to cry later
To break the ice
That covers your silence

Jarabe de Palo - Scream

Strikes at the heart for love
Frozen for fear
Beautiful and threatening
So break the ice's frozen heart

Attention! Without stopping!

Frozen (OST) - Frozen Heart

Strike for the power and for the fear
Let the iceberg crash be heard
Firmly hold the row
Break the ice in heart


Frozen (OST) - Heart Of Ice

You always nose when should look for me
As I change you with someone else, you confound everything
Two words in the goal and you break the ice in me
But so much I want to be bad once
To say to you this

Tania Boeva - Who were you?