breaking bad

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breaking bad (English) — kötü yola düşmek

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"breaking bad" in lyrics

i don't rap i just go and state the facts
my methods ( Meth heads) blew (blue) y'all away you can call me BREAKING BAD
fuck u and ur basic raps, you should go and take it back
some of y'all just trying to hard, you should try to stay relaxed

Jay Park - On It

Checka min produkto
Den är good go go good, så hut på ditt ordspråk
Hmm, vet att dessa haters går och tänker på vad den innehåller o den e gjord på
Känn på din gåt som de fort går
I förråd, källarvåning, de fort går
Aina börja undra vad de e för nått som... visa upp på.

Dani M - Breaking Bad

they got married here tonight
they've exchanged rings, tossed bouquets
I don't believe in anything anymore
for I once believed in all of this
are you with me brother, sister
cause I know you've all been there

Säkert! - Dance, although

Aha mit dir ist es riskant
Als würde man sich mit einem Rasiermesser schneiden
Energie zwischen uns beiden
Breaking Bad als wärst du der Chemiker

Sie hat mich nicht gelassen

Ledri Vula - Nicht gelassen

My fuckin nostrils look like poltergeists,
I miss going to rock at open mic's hoping that I got noticed by labels and blow up over night,
Never happened but passion led me like Holy Christ,
Good intentions just Breaking Bad like I'm Walter White,
I owe my life to my own advice,
"Follow your muthafuckin dreams until those visions come to life"

Machine Gun Kelly - D&G

Mom lets it ring shortly when my meal is ready
And then I slowly grow tired again,
I find the way back to my bed
And watch a whole series of 'Breaking Bad' on TV, ah

I say "Ah, yeah", good that you ask

Shindy - Working Is Out

I'll be alone to think about
my head is heavy with thoughts and smoke
And as long as I remember I look forward
to live it again but it's breaking bad
I want to tell you to feel
I exist always on your habits,don't get mad

Ju Ju - I wonder with me

aha me ty o rrisk
si mu pre me brisk
energji kena nmidis,
Breaking Bad si ke kon kimist


Ledri Vula - Nuk ma la

Bitches sind am Texten, SMSen, nerven mich
Mama lässt kurz klingeln, wenn mein Essen fertig ist
Und dann werd' ich langsam wieder müde, find' den Weg ins Bett
Und glotz' 'ne ganze Staffel Breaking Bad", ah

Ich sag "Ah yeah", gut, dass du fragst

Shindy - Arbeit ist out

So deadly, I don't make it rain, I snow heavy
Sick lane, Nic Cage how I ride with fire
Forever with bars, sort of like a lifer
With the son of anarchy, I be breaking bad
Walking dead, day dreaming of making a band
Dancing with the stars, Americans idol me

Wu-Tang Clan - Ruckus In B Minor

Aha with you its risky
Like cutting yourself with a razor
Energy between us
Breaking bad like you are the chemist

She didn't let me

Ledri Vula - Didn't let me

Ich hab gefühlt das letzte Jahr im Bett verbracht.
Außer allen Staffeln Breaking Bad und Mad Men nichts geschafft.
Trotz all den Pizzaschachteln siehts hier nicht nach Italien aus.
Der schiefe Turm von Pisa ist aus Abwasch aufgebaut.

Killerpilze - Grell

You know too much to be a foe
You were there from before
In the days when I had no dough
Break bread, watch Breaking Bad
Always there when I break up bad
In bed, feeling so sad

M.I.A. - Foreign Friend

There was a time when I was innocent and pure
Now I’m in front of you, blinded by madness
I’m breaking bad, I’m nothing like before
You’ve done me wrong, and I won’t take it anymore
You’re already dead

Crucified Barbara - The crucifier


Stupefatto al cell mentre sistemo i dread
Mi fumo Namecc, cucino, Breaking Bad
Scappo, Prison Break, mi ribalto, omelette
Tutti attorno a te come Walking Dead

Ghali - Sempre Me

You should know babe
I swear in God
I'm breaking bad
For real

Liv Tyler - For Real

La vida me ha cambiado en un segundo extraño
Demasiado brillo, demasiado impacto
Me ha venido grande para ser exacto
Ya sé que no es para tanto

La gloria me ha tumbado en el segundo asalto

Leiva - Breaking Bad

I've been feeling the last year whilst in bed.
Besides all seasons of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, I've done nothing.
Despite all the pizza boxes nothing here looks Italian.
The leaning tower of Pisa is built out of plates in the sink.

Killerpilze - Loud

Ah con te è un rischio
Come tagliarsi con una lama
C'è energia tra noi
Breaking bad come se fossi un chimico


Ledri Vula - Non me la da

Life has changed me in a strange minute
Too much glow, too much impact
It's too big for me, to be exact
I know it's no big deal.

Glory has knocked me down in the second assault

Leiva - Breaking Bad

Dass er alleine ist merkt er jetzt
Das ist kein Spielfilm, das ist nicht Breaking Bad
Ey Digger, Johnny Depp war in Blow auch Dealer
Doch hinter den Kulissen ist er nur Schauspieler

Celo & Abdi - Generation TSCHÖ

Hidupku telah berubah dalam detikan aneh
Terlalu terang,
Terlalu berdampak
Terlalu besar untuk menjadi tepat
Aku sudah tahu itu bukan apa-apa

Leiva - Breaking Bad