Xavier Naidoo - Brief (English translation)

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For days I haven't known whether I would ever see her again.
Maybe someone is keeping her from me.
For days I've been craving her near me.
Oh, I would die without her.
If only she could be here just once more.
Oh, this letter
I cannot read,
For with this letter she bids me farewell.
Our love can't survive.
With the opening of this letter we die.
Why haven't we fled yet?
And why did I not see it coming?
Oh now my happiness is forever lost.
If only we had kept going without turning back around.
But without this love,
I cannot live,
And without her near me,
I cannot go on.
I don't know what I should say.
I am speechless out of necessity.
What we feared has happened
And is knocking me down.
Father is imperturbable.
He threatens me with everything that could terrify or discourage me.
I don't know how it could possibly go on.
I don't know a way out.
I only pray that this difficult ordeal will not completely wipe me out.
Our love could not be.
And with the opening of this letter we die.
But without this love I can't live
and without her near me I can't go on, can't go on...
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Author's comments:

This is not translated literally word for word, because of course that would not makes sense in English, because English is a different language than German. There are some instances where I could have used one word over the other, or I may have translated it slightly different than what the words exactly translate to, but I did it in the best way I could to make it have meaning and make sense in English. Please don't leave nasty comments or complain to me about something I translated a certain way because this is just one interpretation. Thank you and enjoy:)

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