Bright World - Tough Drug


Tough Drug

voiding common sense
The corner of my eye
Assuming what you meant
Cause you would never lie
There’s something in the steps
You’re never gonna take
It’s only what you get
It’s only what you make
Tough drug
Tough drug
Tough drug
You want me to give up
I swear that I’m the glue
What happens when you huff
Your lips are turning blue
I want you like a drug
You wanna pull a rake
A sieve for every shrug
A myth or a mistake
Why decline?
It’s a need though
Wicked ego
Wish i never tried to be the hero
Modern life
You survive
Take a free throw
Look at me though
Like I never had to take a needle
You wind around my head
A solitary trail
You call me from your bed
I’m swallowing my tail
The tide is rushin out
I see you on the wave
The shadow of your doubt
When I was feelin brave
A gift you won’t accept
Or say that you require
Grown over while you slept
I’m lighting it on fire
I can’t ignore the stress
My veins are gonna cave
You couldn’t have done less
So what is there to save?
Tough drug
Tough drug
Tough drug
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