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Bro bro brille (English translation)


Bro bro brille

Bro bro brille.
Klokka ringer elleve!
Keiseren står på sitt høyeste slott,
så hvit som en and,
så sort som en brann.
Fare, fare, krigsmann!
Døden skal du lide!
Den som kommer aller sist,
skal i den sorte gryyyyyyyyte!
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Bridge, bridge, glasses

Bridge, bridge, glasses
The clock strikes eleven!
The emperor stands in his highest castle
as white as a duck,
as black as a fire.
Danger, danger, war-man!
Death you shall suffer!
The one who comes last,
shall into the black poooooooot!
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Author's comments:

I only now realised how silly the lyrics are, many years after having heard it thousands of times as a child.

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