brush up on

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Meanings of "brush up on"


to practice and improve a skill that you used to know, but have forgotten. It can be something you knew a long time ago or recently.


"I need to brush up on my vocabulary words for the test next week."

"I should brush up on my Spanish before my vacation to Mexico."

Explained by Sarah Rose on Sat, 09/02/2019 - 08:56
Explained by Sarah Rose

"brush up on" in lyrics

Little Mix - Woman like me

Woman like me, it's a woman like me
Soon as I brush up on him, I can tell he like me
You know all them mandem, my trife they swiped me

Jay Chou - Perfectionism

Then here,for an unlimited date.
Then take the past,and slowly brush up on it.
Let me fall in love with you,that scene of tragedy.

B.o.B - So Good

Private reservations, glasses full of merlo
A rose, a burgundy, travel like turbo
Brush up on your Espanol
We’ll Barcelona bounce

Horrible Histories - Stone Age Song

To skiddly-bap-doo-wa

Brush up on your Stone Age.

Marco Carta - A Great, New Book

In that hair…in that pink skin.
Then, to use new hues,
And brush up on an exclusive stanza…
And sky after sky,

Jacksfilms - Your Grammar Sucks 45

This Christmas I wanna give you my heart
But not if you can't tell "rapping" and "raping" apart
So brush up on your grammar, cause that's a damn good start

Jacksfilms - Your Grammar Sucks 99

But not when you can't tell
Wrapping and raping apart
So brush up on your grammar!
Cause that's a damn good time