Sultan Saif - Bsluba (بأسلوبه) (English translation)


Bsluba (بأسلوبه)

ما ظل عقل بيه
بخدوده غمازه
والضحكه اصليه
لا لا ابد مو بشر
يمكن شمس أو كمر
والظلمه من يبتسم
يقلبها قمريه
شيصبر احساسي
ساعدني ياربي
من يمشي بالحاره
يمشي وراه قلبي
وجهه اليشع بالضوه
يضحكله حته الهوه
بشفافه يرسم فرح
ضحكاته ورديه
أهواه واحبه
أنا من رجلي حد راسي
لمن علي يقترب
أنسى اخذ انفاسي
حبيته مثل الطفل
نظراته تكتل كتل
وعيونه بيهن سحر
مليانه حنيه
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English translation

On Her Own Way

On her own way
she ruined me
My mind is no longer with me
There's a dimple on her cheeks
And her smile is the real deal
No, no, she's not human at all
Maybe a sun or a moon
Whenever she smiles, darkness
becomes moonlit
What can ease my feelings?
Help me, oh God
Whenever she walks in the alley
My heart follows her
Her face emanates light
Even the air smiles at it
She paints joy with her lips
Her smiles are rosy
I adore and love her
from head to toe
Whenever she comes near
I forget to breathe
I loved her like a child [loves]
Her glances are deadly
And her eyes are full of charms
And full of tenderness
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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