Bu Günüm Sensiz Geçti ... (English translation)

  • Artist: Kenan Doğulu
  • Song: Bu Günüm Sensiz Geçti ... 2 translations
  • Translations: English, French
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another day passed without you

another day passes without you
like a century in a hell
my eyes muntined
my tears came off the hinges
i know i was everythin to you,u were no exist without me
we coundnt saperate ,come back my charming-eyed
Your dark clouds,being without you
slowly falling on me
clours of my flower is fading by one by
where is the pink when you are not here
i suffer, cause i bereaved of you
i never fullfilled to your love
i tied it up and fly to sky
hopes come and go
happines lose its light just a moment
being without you is worse than to be death
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Bu Günüm Sensiz Geçti ...

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