Buachaill Ón Éirne (English translation)

English translation

Boy From Lough Erine

I'm A Boy From Lough Erine And I Could Charm A Nice Young Girl
I Would Not Ask For Her Wealth As I Am Rich Enough Myself
I Own A Good Part Of Cork Two Sides Of The Glen In Tyrone
And Not To Repeat Myself I'm The Heir Of County Mayo
I Will Go Tomorrow To Make Ale In The Wood
Without A Cot Without A Boat Without A Pinch Of Gruel With Me
But Leaves Of The Branches As Bedclothes Over My Head
And Think Well Done For You As You Watch Me From Over There
A Cowherd My Pet I've Never Been Accustomed To Be
Instead Of Playing And Drinking With The Nice Young Women On The Mountain Side
If I Lost My Riches I Probably Didn't Lose My Senses
And Your Kiss Is No More To Me Now Than A Shoe Worn For A Year
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Buachaill Ón Éirne

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