Pimpinela - Buena onda (English translation)

English translation

Good vibes

I left home really happy, telling myself "What a great day!"
I was greeting everyone, but nobody would answer...
Then, unintentionally, I shoved I lady
Who shouted in a strident voice
As she angrily looked at me: "You idiot! Watch where you're going!"
Long life to those who exude and share
Good vibes!
Good vibes!
Those who are always angry, should write 100 times
Good vibes!
Good vibes!
If life is a tango, let's give it some milonga *
Good vibes!
Good vibes!
Let's tell to those who are embittered
Good vibes!
Good vibes!
Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and I almost died:
I paid without realizing there were people before me in the queue!
The people in the queue insulted me as they surrounded me
And a gentleman, all embarrassed,
Told me: "Honey,
If you don't leave... They will kill you!"
I arrived home really late, all tired and depressed.
I switched the TV on and told myself: "Finally, a little peace!"
Then, all of a sudden, I almost died of a heart attack...
It was my wife who, with her face full of cream, shouted at me:
"Where the hell have you been?!"
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Buena onda