Bull's eye!

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Bull's eye! (English) — Right on the mark.

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Bull's eye! — A bull's-eye is the center of a target. the intended best position on that target. It is 'on the mark'. Meaning 'dead center'.

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Translations of "Bull's eye!"

Englishto hit the nail on the head
Arabic, English #1, #2, Russian
FrenchDans le mille !
FrenchFaire mouche
GermanDen Nagel auf den Kopf treffen
Germanins Schwarze (treffen)
GreekΠετυχαίνω διάνα
HungarianFején találni a szöget
ItalianMettere il dito nella piaga
LatinTangere ulcus
RussianВ яблочко!

"Bull's eye!" in lyrics

Deadly when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it you better gain weight
You better hit bull's eye the kid don't play
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Vanilla Ice - Ice ice baby

My hands do not reach the telephone
And I´m not aware of the day nor the light (nothing)
I see your beautiful face, your smile everywhere
It seems that I cant see anything
but you, my love
Though I dont know any path or any way

Mustafa Ceceli - Choise of the Skins

living on top of each other
the only way to earn a living is dealing weed
no more room in the circuit
so some take arms and shoot straight in the bull's eye
They rebuild our blocks
and kick us out

Keny Arkana - capital of the rupture

Bong, Bing, Hong Kong Bowling
Echoed a rain of bullets
Big Bang killed Ming
Ping aimed in the bull's-eye

Bong, Bing, Hong Kong Bowling

Dimie Cat - Ping Pong

In the dead morning, a mourning snow falls
Howling of a stray dog, the creaking of geta clogs
Walking as she gazes at her fateful gloom
Embracing the despair, a single bull’s eye patterned umbrella
A woman who walks the path of life cast away her tears long ago.

Meiko Kaji - Flowers of Carnage

To come and go as much as I please
Woe is me, I didn't know
That your seducing look
Always hits the bull's eye
As accurately as a shepherd's aim
But don't you dare pass by me,

Amália Rodrigues - Because of five gems...

"Just light goes off
Just doors are closed
Waters calm
I'll hit the bull's-eye with the knife

My heart is shorted

Ahmet Kaya - Goodbye My Dear

Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it
You better gain way
You better hit bull's eye
The kid don't play
If there was a problem

Jedward - Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)

My dagger I’m throwing
and bull’s eye it’s hitting
my heartache that’s splitting
just no one’s knowing

I pick up a blossom

Popi Asteriadi - My tough roughie sweetheart

We met here
You threw me towards the bull's-eye
With disguised intentions
And now my soul goes wandering

Amaral - From Night Until Morning

The day before yesterday I was like you, unfashionable
A weird look, I was weak without my 'stache (1)
I finally changed for a style that hit the bull's-eye
If you want to get into this selective nightclub
No need a pass, just grow

PV Nova - Mustache

Between awkwardness and desire
Even though I come up in advance with funny lines,
With pick-up lines,
Even though my eyes aim for the bull's-eye of your heart

Every time we bump into each other,

Louis-Jean Cormier - Bull's-Eye

You can see the turn in the direction of the wind
The direction of the wind [x8]

The words had hit the bull's eye, the orphans' hatred
The anger on my mouth, and the night in my head
To win back some space, some lost stretches

Agora Fidelio - The Direction Of The Wind

Where the gentlemen go

The window is an egg
When it is bull's eye
Awaiting like a widow
At the corner of a stairs

Jacques Brel - The windows

People don't change,
Genes don't deceive,
And your darts never hit
The centre of the the dartboard's bull's-eye.


Enrique Bunbury - The Reason For Your Silences

Nothing was as easy as I imagined
Love, now that wasn’t easy either
Throwing away my deceived heart
That was what she wanted me to do (Feels so sad)
It would be nice if I could get another change
It would be nice if my heart would be accepted

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

Still investigating

Conan makes no mistakes
That always hits bull's eyes
But his real identity
No one knows yet

Giorgio Vanni - Detective Conan

Cumbersome delusions of gandeur.

Mr Hesitates, it's not a cause of shame
Not knowing how to hit any bull's eye,
Having missed yet another shot, irreparably.

Carmen Consoli - Mr Hesitates

Everyone's right, however, not me.
Everyman has his own reality.
And me time after time,
Don't hit the bull's-eye.

I'm not easy buddy.

The Hatters - I'm not Easy Buddy

Smoking too much, it's starting to fog up my clarity
Traveling in the day but you're still looking far to me

Bull's eye you the dot to me
Emotions splattered,same pattern
Can't even begin to spot 'em

Zayn - Lucozade

Entre la maladresse et le désir
J'ai beau me préparer des lignes qui font rire
Des mots tombeurs
Des yeux qui visent le bull's eye de ton coeur

Chaque fois qu'on se croise

Louis-Jean Cormier - Bull's eye

Bang 스치는 Bang 시선에 Bang 내 맘이 깊이깊이 물들어 가
저기 멀리 어둠 속에 점점 선명히 오직 홀로 빛이 나는 너
Hey 눈이 부신 Girl 아름다운 Girl 더 어떤 말도 필요 없어
더 빨라지는 숨을 한 번 크게 쉬고 (Ah- Ah-) 난 너를 겨눠

니 심장을 향해 아무도 몰래 단 한 번의 기횔 눈 앞에

Shinhwa - Sniper (표적)

the men who's been the sleight of the mouth are on the rope
tweezers on his pocket [fn value="1"] sleight of mouth =laf cambazı / tweezer=...cımbızı' * ...cambazı/...cımbızı' did you see the rhyme at there ^^? [/fn]
whatever we say, it does not reach up to the right adress
what's that to me, i don't care to shoot at the bull's eye
we are enough to ourselves
i have been begun a new film each day

Adamlar - Big Old Fat World

My god why have I forsaken me
Turning inwards endless depths
Piercing the unholy
A holy metamorphosis
A murder by any definition

Dødsengel - Holy Metamorphosis

Sickened thirst, sickened thirst
Keeps it together
Soft white glow in the cranium
A bull's eye made sedated

Beware! [x3]

At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal

Dipping, mixing up with the crowd
I steer my train

I wanted to hit the bull's eye - I hit the target
She wanted a daughter - I've given her an iPhone
Apparently, it’s not my day, apparently, it’s not my year

Pianoboy - Pill

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth* he hypes himself.
Armed with self-admiration, too self-confident gait betrays him.
On the chessboard of life he knows every moves of pawns.
Doesn`t care for anyone, benefits from life [rep].
His every shot always hit the bull`s eye.
He was supposed to land on his feet, however the jump broke the neck of his confidence.

Natalia Kukulska - Meow

But that's what I am, without any shame.
And let the whole neighbourhood wonder
How all other women are nothing special to me
But you are a bull's eye for me.


Hladno Pivo - Olive

One hundred days if it was a bad day
Without seeming like rage is in the air
Day one thousand you hit the bull's-eye
Turpentine hidden in the chest
Each day

Louane - Day One

Make me your food.
I hadn't asked the angels to send you
But you, you bowled me over,
With a wink, you hit the bull's-eye
With a story, you touch me ;
This will end badly.

Fugère-Poirier - You Make Me Laugh (I Like It)

Bull's eye我誅殺了daylight
Baby girl我們相見不恨晚

Magic Power - Marksman [射手]

Believe me it's been a long time, I've been looking for an answer
Then I noticed that I started running away from problems at any time
And I was taking aims before thinking
Even if I hit the bull's-eye I got tired

So I had a little drink today, sorry mom

Anıl Piyancı - I had a little drink today

Forget them other boys baby
Forget them other guys
Yeah I see a nose ring
Might as well be a bull's eye
I used to pull girls like you, nope!
Now I know nine

Mike Posner - She Looks Like

Just a little game.
Do trust me, don't be afraid!
I do everything what you ask for.
I'll hit the bull's eye.


Die Prinzen - I want to have you

When you first open your eyes
Who do you think of, just tell me who is it?
Even if you don’t tell me
I’ll find out it’s gonna be cool

My intuitions are very confident

Cosmic Girls - Tick-Tock

Woody,burada oyun zamanıdır
Bu Jessie,şarkıcı bir kovboy

Bull's Eye,Woody'nin atı
Ne kadar zeki !
Pete,yaşlı madenci

Toy Story 2 (OST) - Woody Burada [Woody's Roundup]

Overlapping this moment of a long journey
We'll advance on, replying we can fly over the gravity of destiny

Hit bull's-eye!!
Live within the fire
Go over the wall

Kotoko - Blaze

Do you believe… you can arrive…
As long as the more… you can draw…
the bow you have
it doesn’t matter… always hitting the bull’s eye
as long as… you do the most you can…
it’s enough you know!

Vasco Rossi - Welcome


hit bull's-eye!!

Kotoko - Blaze

everything's in sight
I make the fire
But I miss the firefight
I hit the bull's eye every night

It's so easy, easy

Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy

Still waiting for the prophecy yet unfulfilled

Love is an arrow
Fired towards the middle of the bull's-eye
And turns life into a real adventure

Silence Wang - Heartbeat

Woody is here, it's game time
This is Jessie, a singer-covboy

Bull's eye, woody's horse
How intelligent!
Pete, old miner

Toy Story 2 (OST) - Woody is Here

My fingers, like a laser, point where he stabs.
The headlamps dilated, the victim found.
I confess, I drew a bull's-eye on your neck.
You gave me a dance and I agreed to play.

Rozalén - Red dragon

All the guys are constantly trying
To copy your style, the way you walk, and your shape

Hit the bull's-eye like Gaston
Love as heatedly as Gaston
Make sure to always be number one like Gaston

Beauty and the Beast (OST) [2017] - Gaston